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  1. StriderHiryu


    Great news! Really looking forward to seeing lots of people in the game. With the Wargaming brand, I expect to see many new players and lots of new tactics!
  2. StriderHiryu

    NEW VERSION! That's exactly what you've asked for!

    Is it just me? Often times the game asks me to update, but the latest version of the game is not available on the iOS App store.
  3. StriderHiryu


    Brilliant update!!!
  4. StriderHiryu


    This is awesome! I hope to see many more tournaments in the future. The game is a lot of fun to play, and interesting to see tactics from top players.
  5. StriderHiryu

    Leviathan not worth it? Your oppinion?

    Try using Leviathan with appropriate support cards such as overdrive and heal, and supporting it with appropriate units (FreezR, Buggies to take out enemy flakkers). I feel like playing a Leviathan in the end game is very daunting for the enemy because they have to take it out. But admittedly it feels much harder to use and less versatile compared to the Scylla, which is my favourite unit for those reasons.
  6. StriderHiryu

    Map environment mash-up

    I like this idea! But if you are playing versus a real player how would it work? Some maps offer advantages to certain strategies so it might be unfair if only one player decides.
  7. StriderHiryu

    I don't get it...

    I like it, because I think it stops the game from snowballing. In PC RTS games, you often win by getting a small advantage and then snowballing it into an unassailable lead, which means that if you lose an early exchange you probably lose the game. In Warfair, if you lose a generator, your opponent loses units which gives you a possibility of making a comeback, especially if the opponent loses an expensive unit like the Helicopter (Scylla). It also means that if you have good tactics, you can create a situation where you only lose a very cheap unit (like Kamikaze or Skyfighter) and destroy a generator. So there is a risk / reward factor in play.
  8. StriderHiryu

    --- Mind Games ---

    I'm running a fairly balanced team that allows me to react to the enemy and counter them. I have a Scylla (Hellicopter), Tank, Skyfighter, Flakker and Bomber. For support weapons I run Stunbeam, EMP and Airstrike. I usually start with the Scylla as my opening play to be able to control the map and either get hold of resources quickly or counter an enemy Bomber or Tank. The Scylla is expensive so I am looking to trade it for 3-4 enemy units but I find it can help me get the tempo of the battle so I can play my other units. Tanks allow me to counter Flakkers and Mechs and make pushes on generators. Bombers allow me to counter Tanks, Flakkers allow me to counter anti-air and Sky Fighters are good "trash" units. They are great for getting to Anitmatter quickly, or to do the last bit of damage to a generator. One of my biggest strategies is to weaken generators but not destroy them completely with my Scylla units. This is because losing them can cost you the game as they are so expensive. So instead I use them for Map control and try to use Airstrike and my Sky Fighters to deal the death blow. This keeps my army quite consistent, but I do find that teams with strong anti-air can give me problems, such as Ogre's, Windy's and even Flakkers that are massed. To try to deal with these I use Stun Beam and EMP so that my Scylla's and Bombers can trade or kill them when they are usually countered, but this doesn't always work. One of the best enemy strategies I have seen is Glinty + Overdrive, which looks really cool and impressive! But I have yet to get an Overdrive card yet...