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  1. Starfouine

    I was wrong about Jetrider

    I said they were useless. Nobody from the first bunch of players considered it as a good units. We didn't even played it during non-common challenge... Than the russian came and the Spamrider rised from the dead Now we call it, the ZOMBIE !!!! Briefly : +25% against ground unit Resist stun-B The only non shielded unit to survive a generator explosion or a Nuke. Long range Un targetable when they are fall, almost give them a free attack then. And correct me if I'm wrong, flamed by a Cyclops they fall and come back without burn damage. 105 points. I've seen dozen of players only playing it now. They buggies are now zombie meat. I don't say I don't like the Jets and I want them to be nerfed, but now many are lvl7/9, soon 9 and there will be no there solution to spam against spaming. I already have the feeling to always play the same battle. A little change on the huge list of it bonus or higher prize ? huh ? xxx No ? What ?
  2. Stop !!!! I know the Junior now after mostly 100 battles. I think I am the first to have brought it to Lvll12 et mostly I am the only one now using it as core unit of his strategy (guess what : I'll stop soon lol) Not that I like it (okay... I love the female voice) but I really wanted to see the evolution of a new unit, from BP request to supplies and in-game capacity. My opinion is simple, it could be the unit for balance without the burst. Before it got no splash, can't resist any flying units and he got very very few chance against athena and it was playing fair with WIndies (at same level). But it could deal with buggies, grenadier and It was the only ground unit mobile enough to trully counter hammerfrost. Like any other unit it fears the flakkers and everybody was happy. But now it can't face buggies without paying a huge price (higher than the 40 points of difference between the two), it has no chance against windies and no change against flakkers. With the same flow than before. Ok, now at lvl12 and well micro managed I can resist to 70% of the Hammer i face, no matter their level. Hard.... 130, with no burst. Please. Or soon their will be only windies and Jets... End of my opinion.
  3. Starfouine


    Forget what I said about diversity. You play Cyclops with Invulnerability Support of gather a big bunch of units and charge. Starfouine, July 2018 (after loosing 600pts of ranking*) Shah is right about mostly all. (YES ! Please no more points with Pirates) And the reference to Starcraft is wise, maybe some units/supports should be taken out of the selection for this mode, and some should be unique to this mode. It could bring a real new dimension to this mode. Encouraging real strategy and not pure force with pure invulnerability. My other suggestion would be to integrate this mode like a weekly or seasonally event OR make it permanently with BIG Gold rewards and the classic mode for BIG BP rewards (the good old league supply). At some points players will need to go from one mode to another, might be exciting. *Yes, mostly on purpose, see ya in 2 weeks <evil laugh> there will ne no Cyclops to protect you !!!! <most evil laugh ever>
  4. Starfouine


    HI TelsaNi, Whaou, what a big update ! Good point is it change completely the way we will play for the next two weeks. Battles are shorter, decks are completly changed, balance of forces flaten. The antimatter economy works well and the limit of units is wise, specially with such a limit of turns. Good Micro management of units are mandatory and it is a good thing (and I am loosing but I don't mind) Other good point, I think you have found THE seasonal or weekly event, everybody can sign up for a parallel contest or for a tournament with the same rules. Other, other good point, now every units are at the same level it is obvious to me Jetrider has too much advantage. But I'll do a separate post about it. Bad point, please, let us go back soon to the classic game, as my teammates said it is not strategy it is barely tactic needed. And Only binge players are rewarded *even if I wish the game released and too many many over active players for the game. cheers
  5. Starfouine

    Units statistics of top40 players

    With all the new players, I would be curious to get some new statistics
  6. Starfouine

    Blind fight

    And don't say that unarmed units have no HP bars, I know what I am saying ;-) Just bad screenshots.
  7. Starfouine

    Blind fight

    Hi guys, Since couple of days, half of my games are without any info on display, no lines, no HP bar. I must say... it doesn't help to win... at all. Few screen shots attached. Sorry, shitty screenshots. Also mailed to support. //sf
  8. Starfouine


    Youhou !!!
  9. Starfouine


    Hi, I haven't read all the feed, I though it was a well known bug anyway. Achievement "Unlock 15 more blueprints" is blocked at 14/15... but I have no more unit to unlock. //sf
  10. Starfouine

    Jetrider is a sitting duck

    Hi, Despite it flies, Jetrider is almost useless. Flaws from ground and flying units. Stronger OR faster it could be a good skirmish units if instead of constantly flying it could litterally ignore walls and jump over them. Bit like the reaper in Starcraft2.
  11. Starfouine


    Agree with the previous messages about auto aim. I get it about how useful it could be for beginners but if you allow me it is more a tool for experienced players. - The units you get from the two first battlefields are easy to use and manage. The campaign teaches how to get the precise control of units but this precise control is spoiled by auto aim. I would recommand to first use all manual and than automatic. - Auto aim should/will be marvellous with very few units, like kamikaze or athena, but completly useless -even, dangerous for support weapons like (and specially) huskarls -not even mention of light units like hunters... And Kamikazes arrives battlezone 3 and athenas... later.
  12. Starfouine

    mass select

    On smaller devices, the selection of units is hard, not sure it would make it easier. Than, if you send all units selected on the same point -what will happen usually, they would be more vulnerable against splash damage ?
  13. Starfouine

    A solution for nerfed Firestarter & Athena

    About Athena, I agree with Gorsky. For the same cost, a slightly larger area of effect could balance the nerf without making it an op unit. Now it is not cost effective. Lower price unit, not good idea because it is useless against generator. Having only two on battlefield is enough however you'll never win. Maybe a buff on the shield regeneration would be worth it (+10/20%). For Firestarter, I have mixed feelings. It is a weapon players get very early in the game and a very efficient one. We still have in mind the lethal double firestarter opening ; for the moment I think 150 is good to make it efficient for player under 2000pts. We already talked about it on alliance feed, but as we are playing since a while in league level, we forgot the lower level ; with only three time more players the challenge to get to HD2000 will be higher and the Firestarter will stay a very cost effective unit, even after it has been nerfed.