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      A little note!   03/20/2018

      After this update some players won't be able to see their Star Supplies or Free Supplies until the end of their cooldowns. Sorry for the inconvenience! 


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    You are always welcome!

    1. Top Alliances at the moment: 2. Best players at the moment: The competition has already started and that's how things are at the moment. What's going to happen on the weekend? WE'LL SEE!

    Due to the feedback we plan to make a special button for those players who prefer not to have AI as a default feature.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback @gwaith! We've just released this feature and we need more reviews like yours to figure out how to make it more comfortable for the experienced players.

    You will still have the option to control everything. As we mentioned before it's mostly for beginners.

    It's usually like that when game is in Beta but then things begin to change as game expands.
  7. New players. When?

    Soon isn't the most precise answer, I agree about that So...it's...THIS MONTH

    Well, to reach this top 5 Alliance you need all of your members 'cause we use this total Alliance rating everybody can see in the leaderboard. Kicking these players is like making your score lower. So no worries, everybody matters

    The contest is over! There are 21 alive Flakkers and a dead one, you were right, guys! 5 randomly chosen Commanders with the right answer will get 600 crystals. The winners are: 1. @Kurt Tank 2. @Mr cookie 3. @Twitch 4. @Gretos 5. @Azazel GOOD JOB!

    I've added that it's only about visual effects

    Commanders! This update will bring new regions to our game and that’s why we decided to focus more attention on our new players: - We added new skins for generators that will help to highlight your appearance on the battlefield. One of them is available with our special limited offer and another will be in the store permanently. You can customize your generator in your profile settings. - The obstacle around generator on one of the Soror’s locations has been removed in order to make it easier for new players and avoid prolonged battles. - We’ve simplified our gameplay for our new players by adding our new “watch the target” feature. From now on units will chase their closest target OR manually established primary target. It will be also possible for unit not to watch its target automatically by using a special switcher. We deleted “sleeping tank” button and put this switcher instead. For our experienced players this new feature is a perfect way to make their strategies more complex and unpredictable, especially using melee units like Hammerfrost, Athena or Kamikaze. Moreover, the opportunity to use this feature for a chosen unit gives a chance to play the game in the same way as before. Nevertheless, it would be great to get your feedback about it. - Waiting time on the first battle zone has been reduced to 10 seconds. - There will be no Destroyer on the Soror battle zone. PVE changes: - We made episode 3 and 6 in the first chapter easier due to your feedback - We changed episode “Death from above” in the second chapter. There is only one Bomber instead of two now that will bring more entertainment for our players. - We also reworked “Air force” episode in the second chapter. Now it’s more complex and way different from the previous episode. - We added special notification in PvE to not let you miss some essential things. Some little but very important changes: - We fixed banner with information about who donated you blueprints in your Alliance - We fixed the battle location switcher and now it doesn’t restart after watching a battle replay - We reduced the amount of the game notifications - We made interface for buying new blueprints more comfortable - Now it’s possible to block messages from players you don’t want to communicate with - Flakker’s look has been changed completely - Missiler’s animation and model has also been updated - Pompeii 9 battle zone has been visually upgraded - Hammerfrost animation in hangar is changed - We added new animations to attacked units on the battlefield - We improved animation of Hunter’s and Ogre’s shooting ALLIANCE WAR We would like to suggest you to take part in the first Alliance War! From 20.03.2018 until 03.04.2018 Top 5 Alliances will receive a reward according to the average rating value of particular Alliance members and its place. Amount of credits every player in Alliance will get 1st place Average Alliance rating x5 2nd place x4 3rd place x3 4th place x2 5th place x1 Like, for example, if average rating in your Alliance in the end of the season is 1800 and you are on the 2nd place, every Alliance member will get 1800x4=7200 credits. ADDITIONALLY in the end of the season TOP 5 players from the Leaderboard will get a special reward – the opportunity to choose blueprints for their favorite unit: EPIC RARE COMMON 1st place 10 blueprints 100 blueprints 400 blueprints 2nd place 6 60 240 3rd place 4 40 160 4th place 2 20 80 5th place 1 10 40 What do you think? Your feedback is very welcome as always!

    Thanks everybody! Hope you'll enjoy your rewards!
  13. Commanders! We would like you to learn about our new balance changes. Spoiler alert! Almost everything was buffed ! Athena - This unit was extremely popular and irreplaceable on the battlefield so we decided to lower its shield amount. Shield Amount -28% Cyclops - This titan was very rare guest on the battlefield, so we lowered his price. Price 450 -> 390 Disarm - This utility item has been changing tide of battle way too often, so we lowered the duration of the debuff that units get after they leave initial Disarm AoE field. Also we got rid of slight delay before casting because it was not necessary at all. Cast time is now instant. Duration of the debuff after you leave the initial Disarm radius 5.32 -> 2.66 Heavytzer - This slow destroyer took too long to aim and lock on target, so we increased the rotation speed of his weapons. Rotation speed of weapon +60%. Hunter - Despite huge attack radius, this unit wasn’t too popular due to him being weak versus cheap fast enemy units, that would reach him easily. We decided to prioritize his instant damage over periodic, also reducing the reload speed. Instant damage 20% -> 40% Periodic damage 80%->60% Reload time 2.63 -> 2.38 Jack Frost - This unit was too expensive to be effective, so we lowered the price. Price 135 -> 100. Jetraider - This unique unit was too weak for its price, so we got it lowered as well as added bonus damage to ground targets. Price 140 -> 100 Bonus damage to ground targets and generators +25% Leviathan - This beast’s appearance was extremely rare so we lowered the price and increased the speed with which it turns around its axis when attacking. Price 380 -> 345 Rotation speed when attacking +100% Ogre - This tough guy could never make it to the squad because of his price, so we equalizied it with one of Tank’s and increased the speed with which it turns around its’ axis when attacking. Price 165 -> 150 Turning around its axis when attacking speed +70% Photon - One of the highest damagers in the game was slightly more expensive than it should be, given his vulnerability. Price 190->170 Shield - This support item was used very often in the beginning of fights. We want to leave it that way, increasing the price to effect further usages. Price 4->5 Silencer - This dangerous unit was not too appealing because of high price, so we lowered it. 190 -> 180 Invulnerability - This support item lasted too short to make any impact on the battlefield, compared to other items, so we increased its duration. lvl.1 2 3 4 5 6 old values 2.1 2.48 2.86 3.24 3.62 4 new values 2.66 3.04 3.42 3.8 4.18 4.56
  14. COMMANDERS! WE NEED YOUR HELP! Newly designed Flakkers are causing havoc on the battlefield! Count them all and 5 randomly chosen Commanders (with correct number of course) will get 600 crystals! You have 10 days! Let’s begin!

    Commanders! You've already noticed that we've been testing several new modes in the game. Some of you liked the first mode, another the second one and you can already try our third mode on Monday. The thing is that not all of them will be in the game on a regular basis. That's why your opinion is appreciated more than ever. What do you like the most? What is need to upgraded? We really want to get your feedback about it. If you have ideas about modes you've already played, or maybe during the next week you'll notice something interesting about the new one, please, let us know. You can be sure that best ideas will be not only heard but rewarded as well! Let's make our game better and make your great ideas come true. Thank you!