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  1. I think it is self-explanatory. Sometimes the battle is lost and there is no reason and no fun to wait until enemy finish you off. Just hit the white flag button and be redirected to "DEFEAT" screen. Also, it would be so great in multiplayer matches like 4 player Free-For-All, when both of your generators are destroyed and you can't do anything.
  2. intruz


    My propositions are: IWishIHadSplashDamage AthenaIsStilBetter 2Slow4U okay, now serious: we got Athena, goddess with a magic shield, why not go this way and call light tank after Artemis, goddess of hunt? Alternatively, we can name if after some small ferocious animal like Wolverine or Ratel And BTW, the look of light tank kinda reminds me this...
  3. intruz

    Player Ratings + Wait timer

    Players should be matched against each other based on lvl of their units, not their rank system. I often fight against weaker opponents who just got lucky to climb high, but when there is 2 lvl difference on generators and units, I don't even have to be careful, just spam units onto enemy.
  4. intruz


    I think next unit will be some 300+ point epic unit. You know, the kind of unit that will never be seen on battleground ( as any other epic unit lol maybe except scylla that is at least marginally useful). Maybe it gets shields like athena My type is: at lvl 4 EPIC: cost: 350 1500 HP plus 2500 shields speed: fast armor: light type: ground to light: +25% to aircraft: don't attack damage/shot: 1800 att speed: 2 max shots: 3 att radius: 8
  5. intruz

    A solution for nerfed Firestarter & Athena

    I don't think Athena is useless as it is right now, but its just better to send two buggies for 160 then one athena. So the real problem of fast, high damage units is that when you have to choose between one athena, one firestarter or two buggies, buggies will always win. They are just too cheap/too poweful.
  6. intruz

    Jetrider is a sitting duck

    Jetriders are a bit too slow imho. And they are helpless against buggies, but every light unit is helpless against buggies.
  7. intruz

    A solution for nerfed Firestarter & Athena

    I don't think reducing Athena's cost will solve anytning. Because we got one short-range, high mobile unit with splash damage that cost 100 -I mean kamikaze. Less than 2000 shields on athena make it one-time use unit anyway. Even enhancing range wont do much, because it will still be useful only to control chokes and farm antimatter. But it wont stop horde of buggies. It just needs more shields to survive.
  8. intruz


    Besides that: Ogre problem is not a rotation, but speed/range. Silencer cost is still too high. Maybe if it would cost 150, somebody would use it. Why bother buying Cyclops or Leviathan when you can buy 4 - 5 buggies and wreak havon on battlefield.
  9. intruz


    That's just insane. Out of top50 players, about 40 use buggies. Athenas were used only as a counter to fast, squishy units like buggies and grenadiers. Other than that, athenas is quite useless. The sme thing goes with disarm. Even now most battles is about who can spam more buggies on battlefield. Buggies and grenadiers. After the "balance" patch, the game would be who have higher lvl buggy will win.
  10. intruz

    New Mission Contest!

    And some more: Close and Personal: Destroy X enemy units with units with range less than 8 On budget: Win using units that cost less than 150
  11. intruz

    New Mission Contest!

    Here are my ideas: Let the Galaxy Burn: cause X damage with fire damage World of Tanks: Win using only heavy ground units Cannon Fodder: loose more units then enemy and win Death From Above: destroy X enemy units with aerial units Push The Tempo*: Be first to destroy enemy generator in 3 consecutive battles Merciful: Win without destroying all three enemy generators Legion: send into battle more units than enemy Close Call: win with having at least one generator with less than 10% health Flyswatter: destroy X aerial units with flakker Cold as ice: freeze X units Resourceful: use every type of unit and support in one battle at least once ------------------------------- * yes, it's Fatboy Slim reference
  12. intruz

    Training mode maybe?

    Test battle have one drawback: Enemy AI always uses the same units (tank, flakker, bomber ). It would be great if we could choose enemy's roster to, lets say optimize strategy against certain units or tactics.
  13. intruz

    Get 400 CRYSTALS for 1 WORD!

    Mars Plasmatank or Plasma tank Megaton Solar