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  1. ShahBlitz


    As the title says Ladies and Gents. for the last event i was thinking about allowing us to experiance Max level units, Support weapons and Generstors. Iam really curious to see how powerful each and every unit, support weapons and generator can be. Any thoughts and suggestions? 😀😀😀
  2. ShahBlitz


    Finally 😧😧😧 Free from maintaining 1st place 😂 Thank you for everything Warfair Devs especially Teslani! Hopefully you'll be back for another version of warfair! P.S - you should give us more crystals. i really want to buy that 3500 crystal generator hahaha.
  3. ShahBlitz


    liking the event! my suggestion to make it better would be- ☆ Increase 15 turns to 20 turns. ☆ make rating battles based on Planets (i got to battle below 1000 rating players) ☆ The option to play pirates if we wanted to. ☆ no rating points for pirates ; but more gold if we farmed them ================ > found out invulnerability is fixed. its counters stun also. > this type of play is more close to how players play in starcraft. its nice. > Strategy is more diverse in this mode. Can win in different ways. >Liking the mosquito alot! (interesting unit) >Karl is fun to play with. Incorporating this in a permanent way would be nice ; but also keeping our levels is a necessary. Anyways thats all for now. P.S - any chance maps can be more dynamic? (trap based paths or road blocks to destroy ; or underground tunnels) Overall, very interesting
  4. Ladies and Gents! As the title says. the burst format it has now i feel has become more of a detriment for the light tank whereas the single shot it had beore made it more useful. I still think as a single shot tank it would have a better use now then when it is in burst format. Its meant to be a hit and run tank at Multiple targets. now its a Light version of Athena without the shield and without the speed to escape vefore losing all its HP. and how did it end up like this? the potential this tank had before was really high and with the new format put in, its become more of a sacrifice to your deck. Arent light tanks supposed to be fast shooting and hard hitting at the same time? The fact that it could shoot at multiple targets and run away made it a very ideal tank versus light armored targets and not just 1 target before the light tank dies in a 2v1 situation. it was a unit that at its 130 price before could have been useful enough to engage both targets at once. Reducing the price for this unit i actually dont find it necessary since it could have been something at higher levels. In its current state i MIGHT consider using it if its worth 100 creds. not even 105 or 110 or 115. the burst format is a real turn off and its made it one of the least flexible units in the battle field. I recommend you call it Athena Lite from now on. Solution - Make it a single shot format and raise the price to 130. or keep the price. Its Worth it.
  5. ShahBlitz


    why did you nerf the light tank like that... 120 creds is okay but you made it into an athena... a light version of athena... now every turn it can engage only 2 targets and not 4 targets like before. and it wont be able to counter units like athena.. it would have been better to just leave it alone. its true capability is at level 11 and 12 when it can counter athena if played right.
  6. ShahBlitz

    Invulnerability EPIC support weapon

    yay haha
  7. ShahBlitz


    Interesting challenge 😀 Will you be updating us on what division we are in??? The instant supply is nice idea! A good reason to play against pirates now
  8. So i was playing and experimenting with the invulnerability skill for the season and it was all nice and pleasant. UNTIL, I find out it has a weakeness! and that weakness is to a common weapon - STUN Now in the picture the big red circle is the emp which invulnerability countered... it also countered napalm BUT i couldnt counter STUN. My athena was stuck until the stun expired. why does a common support weapon best an epic weapon like Invulnerability??? I thought invulnerability can counter all Support weapons but i feel its not invulnerable anymore.... P.S - i was using invulnerability Hoping to counter stun which alot of players use but its not possible sadly. is there a reason why stun is the only weapon that beats Invulnerability???
  9. nevermind Teslani keep it this way. i was gonna suggest 6 bps and provide a chart on the development curve Buuuuut naaaahhhhh. yea level 8 to 9 will take around 2months if i get a request of 8 bps per day which means 240 per month. (2 requests per day) I was gonna request 6bps since at a normal rate it would be 12 bps (2 requests per day) meaning 360 in 30 days. However, if this game is played efficiently 12 bps can be earned at 3 request per day (12bps x30days = 360 bps) at 18bps (6bps x3 request per day it would be = 540 bps in 30 days) As such grinding would be around 33% more easier. soooo nàaa nevermind. Good to give us a hard time
  10. True thats what i thought initially but shouldnt the game be allowing us to diversiy our strategies without having us tier base it? as in focus on commons since it is easiest to max out and then move on to rares? that hinders diversification. But then again, it does make sense if we dont want the game to end so soon regarding the leveling aspect.
  11. ShahBlitz


    Iam going to experiance that sensation i felt when i reached 6090 rating 😱😱😱
  12. ShahBlitz


    Question - 1st division. so a special box with all the units we want in it? and not something random??
  13. Ladies & Gents. I've posted this before but i still feel that i need to point this out. I think Rare and Epics are far behind in the upgrading curve and so its making alot of players use common units freqiesntly. Whats worse is that the common units are ALSO some of the best units to use since you can level them up faster than rares and ofcourse Epics. To compensate for the slow development of rares and epics, ATLEAST i think.... Rare units should have a bigger BP cap PER request. (minimum 6 bps per request or hopefully 8bps) Atleast 6 bps per request cause right now, after reaching lvl8 rare, to hit level 9 we need 400 bps... NOW if you optimize your time and be VERY efficient... you can get the level 8 to level 9 in 33.3333 days... but the worth of a level 9 is Only that of a common level 11 unit... which makes it worth 20k gold... so imagine 800 Bps and 1600bps for level cap.... thats kinda pushing it if you consider their value. Faster leveling will be an issue at lower levels but it will balance out at higher levels... and ALSO it will diversify our strategies because some players will consider using rares more often then the common units everyone uses. Basically, more bp per requests for rare units will diversify our strategy and pull this game up to another level then what it is now. ATLEAST for the active clan based players... and this will also be a significant factor for being in an Alliance as well. So its like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. increasing bps per request for rare units will === 1- diversify player tactics by letting them use rares more often 2- encourage players to create alliance or join 1 ======== Epics well, not much comment really at the moment. before i suggested once a week Epic unit request where we can get 1 or 2 bps but ehhh.... i dunno. Epics are underused at higher levels of play and its obvious how many of us are discouraged from using them cause its sooo hard to level them up! even IF you spend gold on them. Look at the CIS region players as well. At higher levels they dont use Epics as well. They are not worth it.. i mean 100 bps for level 7? and probably 200 for level 8? Ouch Thoughts? Suggestions?
  14. ShahBlitz

    Player Ratings + Wait timer

    How so? eventually everyone will catchup. i had no doubt in my mind that one day i will face newer players who will eventually reach my level. The only difference that time would be the experiance. If you assume everyone who first played this game is power tripping, reach my level and you'll see the problems up here. I understand your struggles. i had the same experiance too. its just... I never gaveup and kept going. I suggest you do too. I also pmed you before but you never replied. i said you have potential. and that hopefully you reach my level so we can 1v1 again. I hope you do reach my level someday