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  1. Gorzki


    I use lev 11-lev 12 commons usually (so I can add only 1, max 2 levels to it) and I am wiped by mindless waves of jetriders level 8 - so the unit that can be upgraded 3 more times. jetriders are basically double use flakker, yet cost only half more than flakker, can be used over barriers, high alpha/high burst units are less effective against them since most of the damage is lost and quite importantly, supports like stun or disarm are kinda useless since jetrider dropped to ground is not under the influence anymore as everyone expected, as every time you try to balance units, all you do is nerfing most popular, most used, most invested unit to make it not really worth it to use in equal level setting, while making other unit mindnumbigly op such strategy makes perfect sense if you want to milk players that are forced to level up new units with every patch
  2. Gorzki


    grenadiers damage increase vs heavy targets is a bit useless considering the only heavy targets used are tank and hammerfrost. With tank it doesn't really matter as you either balance yourself out of it's range or not and hammerfrost was rather new addition to meta as anti-buggy and anti-athena grenadiers main use was against enemy generators and now it is severly handicapped at that while heavytzer is really tricky to eliminate.... also it seems that buggy shoots 3 bursts instead of 4 but damage per shot was kept the same, not damage per turn / dps
  3. Gorzki


    generators destroyed in battles with pirates count? instaopen will work till the end of season or shorter?
  4. Gorzki


    even without afkers, this competition will just make normal people with their life being anoyed about nolifers while most of nolifers will feel fed up with amount of battles they had to play, who usually only continue playing only because they already invested way too much time already. marathons are no fun, neither for winners nor losers
  5. I was under impression it is a feature, not the bug. at some point you get faster result just leveling commons to lev 13 when you do that, you can increse your deck strength by diversyfing into rare units - which is another stop and increasing time/upgrade curve
  6. Gorzki


    so competition for people who just sit whole day clicking battle and not caring for the result? basically having a bot clicking battle being the best way to get the reward? what's the point of making players mindlessly clicking battles for hours a day when your game reward system is designed to stop people from playing too much? how stupid are you planing to get in the end?
  7. Gorzki

    Units statistics of top40 players

    go and make some
  8. Gorzki

    Player Ratings + Wait timer

    and what are we supposed to do? just stop whining and level up time to upgrade from 7 to 10 is shorter than from 10 to 11, so yoou will soon catch up enough to be winning with everyone at least from time to time in time everyonw ewill be practically at the same level anyway
  9. Gorzki

    A solution for nerfed Firestarter & Athena

    buggies are not too powerful (in terms raw power). they are universal. great dpm per cost, quick and being able to attack both air and ground make skyfighter, scylla and bomber practically useless while buggies intended enemies seems to be light ground units so light tank is great at killing buggies in an anti buggy setup, but will not replace buggies cause it doesn't shoot air air units in general have too many enemies already
  10. Gorzki

    Player Ratings + Wait timer

    intruz, that makes no sense what reason you have to upgrade units then?
  11. Gorzki


    Greyhound in memory of WW2 era M8 Grehound, quick recon vehicle with 37mm gun (fast firing, excellent against light units)
  12. Gorzki

    Jetrider is a sitting duck

    originally their 13 range was advantageous over 11 of flakker and windy, but then windy and flakker got buffed
  13. Gorzki


    you cannot skip 4 turns. energy maxes at 600
  14. I doubt it will be usable suggestion I think less damaging for the economy would be my idea with being able to once daily reshuffle your blueprints for 1 unit. Maybe in limited version - only if you have this unit at maxed level. That way if you push 1 f your units to the top, you can reshuffle any incoming blueprints to other units, so you have more options to donate.....
  15. Gorzki

    Common units

    either they made a screw up with balance, or the idea is as follows: at level 10 commons level up much faster, so it is obvious you need to go for commons but rares when updated fully get advantage over commons, so it is a way to extend the grind. Finally you will use lev 11 rares as your core, but as a intermediate goal it is more viable to go to lev 13 commons but for that, lev 11 rares should be marginally better than lev 13 commons