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  1. gwaith


    but the button is the autothingie on or not is still rly vague. Hard to see the difference.
  2. gwaith

    A solution for nerfed Firestarter & Athena

    Firestarter even level 8 is bit meh. Athenas even level 7 are useful. At least I like them. Almost have level 8 Athenas
  3. gwaith


    Have to say I have to learn to play with that autothingie. Some units are useful with it, but most of them are not. But this default setting button sounds great.
  4. gwaith


    Now have tested that autothingie for two days. I have to say it is not helping. More over it is just making all micromanagement even more frustrating. I do understand, if new players dont get that automatically on, they dont know how to do it. If u plan to keep that, could make setup page where u can choose these default settings? Like setup where u can choose if new unit is placed on battlefield with auto on or off. And I have to say that I dont believe that this helps new players to learn the game. This way all are just throwing new units with autosetup on the battlefield and dont learn the strategies of this game. But like said, pls some setupthingie where u can choose which is the default setting. And yes the button, pls make it show more is it on or off. Sometimes when u play small screens like phone the touch does not go through and u cant tell did it or not.
  5. gwaith

    New players. When?

    Well that is way more precise than soon. Thx.
  6. gwaith


    But why the setup is on auto by default to all new troops what u put on battlefield? There is well enough micromanagement to do during before, now u have to turn off automode to each unit separately. It might be good for beginners, but I like to control my troop 100% and now there is rly big chance that I'm not able to do it. And Huskarls charge like rest of the units and die without reason because they get too close to enemy or might even charge to different enemy which the main unit which Huskarl is supporting. I always tell our coders that if there is possibility to user to choose auto or manual, manual always by default. User chooses if something is switched to auto. P.S: difference on the button is that unit on auto or not is too similar. When u happen to play in well lit room or outdoors you rly cant tell which setup the unit is. Cant there be used normal on / off icons like almost rest of the computer programs or electric gadgets in whole world is using. Why invent the wheel again?
  7. gwaith


    Waiting what are the effects on this. Might be fun and havent tested so cant say nothing yet. But to change the basics of the game by putting "autoaim" to the game? The main point in this game was in my opinnion chess-like gaming where u have to predict what enemy is doing next. But lets see if it is good or bad first.
  8. gwaith

    New players. When?

    I have asked several times in the game from developer Mike when there will be new players. I got answer soon more than 3 months ago. I tested today how many human players there will be if I keep losing on purpose. Went from 1952 points to 1700 points and met one (1) human player. When there will be new players? Soon is answer to small children. Can u give proper answer?
  9. gwaith


    And the most used unit lost it natural enemy. Buggies are even more OP now bcause Athenas were almost zeroed now.
  10. gwaith

    Problem with starting game

    I have same problem. Restarted phone, but no luck. Still same starting picture.