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  1. Goodluck! And congretz on the first alliance topic here
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    Hahah, so lets rename the fake hunter to light shooter then!
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    Hello me and Shahblitz did this event together and here is our video, have fun watching! We handicaped ourself, blitz only uses support units and kamikazi and we are not allowed to use any antimatter the whole round.
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    So after playing around with the patch i need to change my view a little bid, thanks to jhon aswel. This patch did not make the game more pay to win, It might even helped it a little bid because now free players dont have to save up to 500 or higher crystals but have 2 good options for 300. Im really happy that, you now when drawing a movement path can choose to draw a sharp return instead of having to curve the return line. The 2v2 is great that way you can team up alot with your alliance mates! I'm really happy with the dubbeling of the money per game (40g) and it seems youve dicided to pay out for a max of 10 wins. 10 games i will play a day while 20 was kinda high! I personaly do got a new bug some replays dont seem to work.7 Great patch
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    Hi Teslani, i feel that this update will make a big gap between free to play players and paying costomers. I hoped that would not happen in the game, if it was a one time cristal deal like pay 1000 to unlock that would be fine players could save up crysals to get the boosts. But 600crystal every 7 days is only for the big spenders. The rest looks good!
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    Hi, I think generator levels should go up faster or they should have more hp. This is the same problem with the common units in another topic, im meeting units that are so much higher level that genarerators that they just melt. I think lvl 12 tanks kill a gen in 6 shots. It seems to me that lvl 9 gens are made to fight units that are around lvl 9 instead of around lvl 11. I dont know how to change this, maybe give generators bonus hp based on unit lvl... or make the xp you need to upgrade gens lower. Maybe others have better ideas.
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    Common units

    Hi i wanted to adress a problem ive seen cropping up. If you look at the tournament levels of units thats epic 4 rare 7 and common 9 and genarator 9. It seems the game is nicely ballenced around that. On the ladder (top) there is a diffrent story, it seems epic and rare units just dont level up fast enough compared to commons. My deck (and a lot of decks) look more like epic lvl 4/5 rare lvl 7 (i just got mine to 8 thanks to the event and common units are lvl 11. So tournament levels 4/7/9 while on the ladder its 4/7/11 mostly. The reson for this is simple, its way easyer to level up common units than rares. To level up my athena from 8 to 9 it takes 400blueprints(bp) and 20k gold. If i requist 2x a day it will take 50 days to get to 400 by requisting while getting a destroyer from 11 to 12 takes 2000bp 50kgold requisting 2x a day i will get it in 25 days. And we get more common units in chests then rares. In the end upgrading the common units gos way faster then rares, epics are even worse. And this exemple is using a rare where the upgrade cost is 20kgold vs the common 50kgold. If we look at the corresponding common lvl thats 10 to 11 bp 1000 cost 20kgold is 12.5 days if you requist 2 times a day. How can it be that a rare unit takes 50 days while a common unit only takes 12.5 days for a upgrade of equal worth? There should change something about the way we get rares. I think we need more per loot box. And maybe dubble the rare requist. 8 per requist. Please feel free to jump in and let your opinion be known!
  9. Every sunday you are allouwed to ask for 1 epic bp?
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    If you mean the alliance Cats, they merged with us. Congretz at the 4th place, you did really wel fighting up from 10th!
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    Sweet, i never seen so much battle in the leaderboards as in these 2 weeks!
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    Units statistics of top40 players

    Same is starting to happen with the rares lvl 7 rares just dont cut it anymore vs lvl 12 units etc.
  13. I hope not, i would love a patch that did not nerf my main units
  14. Poor players that get the leviatan as there first epic, i feel for them!
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    A solution for nerfed Firestarter & Athena

    After the patch what do you guys think about it? Firestarter is even worse now so i would say make it cost between 120 to 135. Athena has become a little better, imo she should cost 135 or 140.