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  1. A solution for nerfed Firestarter & Athena

    Maybe i would use a athena again for 130 creds, firestarter maybe if it costs 100 or something but even then im not sure if they are oke. And yes i understand 100 wont work because then on lower lvl you get a 3 firestarter rush, and i think you want to avoid that.

    I agree with you all, this buff nerf list is just weard, just buff the firestarter to what it was, then the buggy problem is solved. Just played with the athena, its not good anymore, you over nerfed units again.

    I count 22 aswel

    Let me start by saying i like it that the new modes are all friendly battle level, thag way everyone is able to try out newbuilds! The 4 players free for all was a lot of fun! The mapsize could be bigger and i would like it if genarators have more hp its over so fast. I did enjoy seeing new builds there. In the 2v2i really missed the opertunity to join as a pair, for me thats a must. Maybe you could make this one the one where you can join as groupand the other2v2 (with difrent spawns) where you join for solo play. The 2v2 was a lot of fun we even cordinated battles with diffrent clans to try and get 2v2 with only players. I would advise if you only have 2 humans to always match them together to compstomp. Because ive had a few games where it was ai and a player vs ai and player. And for some reason 1 ai was just so much betterthen the other. Greetings Twitch
  5. Hi here i am again. Im starting to notish a lot of lag when loading the messages that me and blitz have sent eachother. Like there is a load time because we have soooo many messages back and forth. When i open a message of another player there is no lag at all. Maybe there should be a limit how many messages are getting saved, or if there is that limit should go down. While writing this i suddenly think maybe it could be my tablet.. i have a samsung tab a6
  6. Oke... as far as my math skills allow 1 athena should do a thirth attack when i park it against a genarator and has the time to kill it, but its not happening. Anyway you guys now know about it and if its working as intended thats oke.
  7. Oke lets use the athena, because the cyclops kills a tower fast. In the tests we did i put athena next to a tower and she attacks it, say 2 times because in that round she did not begin next to the tower. Next round begins and she is next to the tower for the whole round she will attack 2 or 3 times depending on the round before when she got to the tower. But in round 3 she must make 3 attacks because there is zero fluctionation now. But she still only does 2 attacks in the tests. And keeps doning 2 attack per round till the g enarator is dead never 3, i would advise to test this out in a friendly battle where you wont get attacked
  8. But i have tested this, non of the units that have had a text change do the attacks that the text says. So your example of the cyclops it never shoots 2 times a turn even if it starts the turn next to a genarator. Same for the athena it (easyer to check becaus it does not kill a genarator fast) the athena never does 3 attacks in a round even if its standing against the genarator for 5 turns.
  9. Genarators and campain

    After playing the campain (fun, and nice for new players to learn from!) It seems that genarators are sometimes bugged in the campain mode. When you destroy a genarator normaly all units die, but in the campain this is not always happening. My feeling is that if its a scripted event (fly bomber here and attack genarator) you dont lose your attacking unit. And if its not scripted (buy units and kill al gens) you will die when the gen explodes. This is realy weard and it makes it so that you never know how its supost to be. I would advise to make sure gens kill everything just like normal so there is no confusion.
  10. So ill put it here in the official bug report forum. There is something wrong with the unit cards and it needs a fix. Some units like the athena, destroyer and cycloos (of those im sure) tanks, levuathan, jetride(not totaly sure) have a attack per turn number on the card that is wrong, the units do not do those number attacks ingame. When patch 1.3 happend the attack per turn number changed, athena whent from 2 attacks a turn to 3, destroyer from 4 to 5 and cyclops from 1 to 2. After testing this ingame it seems those units still do the attack nr per round from before the patch. Athena still does 2, destroyer still does 4 and cyclops still only does 1 attack per turn. Please fix it so that unit cards show the correct numbers that the units ingame use.
  11. Firestarters nerfed to extinction

    I agree that the firestarter needs to get back to there old stats with a -75% burn damge vs generators. Whats happening now (end game) is firestarters used to be used to kill light units flakkers and buggies mostly, now 2 buggies will kill 1 firestarter so the counter to buggies is gone. Now the buggies are op, and because there are a lot of buggie players now the skyfighters are bad. So people/dev will shout/nerf the buggies because just spamming those is almost enough to win most fights. If that happens the counter to skyfighters is gone and the skyfighters will become op. Then the nerf will hit the skyfighter and that means the counter to the bomber is gone etc. Thats the problem with nerfing, and the reason i am against big nerfing moves. Hopefully you will restore the firestarter to what it was, a counter to light units and if at lower lvl gameplay they do to much dam to towers maybe even make towers burn imune.
  12. Matchmaking

    I agree with the post above me! I wanted to add, i never wanted the season chests to go to the higher skilled players i liked to comp stomp with some pvp mixed in. I would have loved some more pvp like 50% of the time against players of similar skill, but not at the cost that it is now. The first patch was annoying because you got matched up with players way below your skill level, no fun for both sides. The hotfix fixed that problem but made another one, i now have pvp queues of 5+ min thats not why i play a mobile game. I want to log in and have a meaningfull battle. That means a battle that gives me something that i want/need. I wanted trofies so the pirates used to be meaningfull, now they dont give anything and im stuck waiting for someone to join. Is it wojo ill prob lose, is it one of the other 5 i win 50% is it someone thats just around the 2k mark ill prob win, so those at 2k stop playing because they dont want to meet the top 10, wich i understand compleetly! Now some people will come in saying when we have more players... or maybe we should get chest on your standings instead of fixed trofie points. That could be correct but we dont have them or the players. And the biggest problem is the top players will still meet lower level players and force them to stop playing because its no fun for them, wich makes longer queues etc. I'm guessing if nothing changes almost noone will get to 2500 because the top wil get stuck when we pass the 2300 mark, we will then only have 5 to 10 players to battle and thats not enough.
  13. Argument cannot null

    Same for me wojo, and welcome to the forums, join us at discord aswell!

    Well it will be a good update when they fix the matchmaking and wait timer! Cant wait to write a review when the hot fixes are here!
  15. Player Ratings + Wait timer

    I also think there should be a higher minimum points you can earn, 5 points per battle is just soo low make it 15 points but let the lower trofie player lose only 10.