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  1. Our leaders in the clan have troubles with passing a message to their members. Or they do this by private massages, which is a time wasting job. Or they pass it in the general chat, but after a while it disappears. So many members don't read these messages. Why not make room in the top of the chat for a short pinned message.
  2. Louis

    Nothing special

    In other games the high level forces often get other colors or other accents which would be a great idea to change this in warfair too.
  3. Louis


    Buldogg short for the American M41 Walker Bulldog
  4. Louis


    I play on my phone and tablet. When I play on my tablet every time an opponent is found I get a notification on my Phone. Why is that? What I do want is a notification when I can request for blue prints again, other notifications are not interesting.
  5. Are there gonna be any changes on the overpowerd buggie?
  6. I can't start the game because of this error
  7. Louis

    Argument cannot null

    Here same problem, when i want to start the game
  8. Louis


    Thanks for the crystals and many thanks to mooncake who managed it all so well!
  9. Louis

    New name for Glinty is here!

    Congrats teammate BaliW with your prize and honor! Greatings Louis
  10. Louis

    Get 400 CRYSTALS for 1 WORD!

    I like to call him the BLITZER!
  11. Louis

    Clan request/chat part

    Thanks for your answers. The leavebutton on my Phone is exacly at the up-right position of the attack button. But on other phones it will be placed somewhere else. I have to be carefull with this, no problem
  12. I love this game so far! Only the clan request/chat part is bit of a struggle. The requests are too huge and therefor we can't see the chatting and nobody chats. It is better to split up the request part and the chat part. This is far better for the interaction between the players. Other thing that bothers me is te placement of the attack button. Every time I want to leave the game on my phone I must be carefull to hit the back button instead of the attack button. Keep on the good work and I can't wait to play against the rest of the world when the game is official released!
  13. Louis

    What are pirates?

    Lol, thanks for this nice explanation. In other words it's a sort of a AI bot
  14. Louis

    What are pirates?

    I had to fight against a player who didn't have any cups but was called Pirates. What's a pirate?