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  1. Jhon

    CONTEST WINNERS! +new contest ideas!

    Meme contest and Light Tank naming.
  2. Jhon

    Medium Armor

    [sarcasm]We need more units' categories and more counterunits! This is game isn't complicated enough![/sarcasm] But seriously. Slow, medium, fast and fastest are values. Light armor and heavy armor are damage modificators, not values. Some units have bonus damage versus light armor, some versus heavy armor. There are also flying and ground units with their own damage modificators. If there were more modificators, game would be more complicated.
  3. Jhon

    Units statistics of top40 players

    Epic blueprints are too rare. It's relatively easy to upgrade your common units/abilities because you can request in clan 80-120 common blueprints per day. And you get them from chests every day. But i get/buy only 1-2 epic blueprints per week. My epic units are too weak for current 2000+ meta.
  4. I use leviathans on the last zone now. After patch they have better rotation speed and cost. On the first zone they can be very dangerous, because there are less units that can counter them.
  5. Jhon


    What does it mean? Balance fix?
  6. Jhon


    Tanks are ok. Then there will be a firestarter as musthave choice in each squad. Just new symptom of same cancer. We need multiple answers for current meta to encourage diversity of squads and strategies. But two answers have been nerfed already. Disarm have been nerfed too, but it is still good. I lost several battles to disarm after balance patch and i didn't notice any changes in it. In this patch only ogre can be treated as answer to current meta but it's to slow and vulnerable to grenadiers.
  7. Lol, this is is a bad math. If there is a "chance" to do second or third shot in this turn, it doesn't mean that it has 2 or 3 shots per turn. If you like math, use math. Actual attack speed for cyclops is 1,0037735849056603773584905660377 shots per turn. Actual attack speed for athenas is 2,0228136882129277566539923954373 shots per turn.
  8. Jhon

    Player Ratings + Wait timer

    It have to be symmetrical for both players. If you have rating 2300 and +500 upper bound, then you can be matched with 2800 player. But 2800 player can be matched with lower bound -300 only with 2500 player. So, 2300 and 2800 can not be matched with each other.
  9. Jhon


    I agree with Gorzki: pirate button should appear earlier. There are not many players in the game, so lots of pirates battles are ok. Force players to play bad PvP is not an option. It's still better to play with pirates and not to scare players with lesser units level and force them to quit game. But state "More PVP = less rewards each season." is ok for this game (and all PvP games). Situation with players climbing rating ladder by abusing easy pirates is not normal fo such games. 4000 league chest is usual in current economy because anyone has a 95%+ winrate by playing with pirates. If there were more players, actual winrate would be 50% for average player. And only skilled players would reach 2300+ rating. 4000+ rating should be a phenomenal result, not an usual one. And yes, in that case players' ratings are small not because they get 3-5 rating, but because they get 30-40 and than lose 30-40.
  10. Jhon


    I don't have any real stats but it seems that we have Scylla + Firestarter meta now. Something should be nerfed and something should be upped.
  11. Jhon


    I think it''ll be better to set up initial energy and not to skip turns.
  12. Jhon

    Alliance weekend tournament

    I think, that the game "winer-3 vs loser-final-1" must be for the third place. Second place will get loser of game for the first place.