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    Commanders! Long time no see, huh? We planned to have a global test for our players but then we decided to bring this fun to everybody and make a pretty nice event in the game instead. Don’t worry about your progress (your units and supports levels and your account level): it’s all saved and these changes are for two weeks only. We would like to know which features you will enjoy the most, so please let us know your thoughts about everything. So, what’s going to happen? - Introducing new units: Mosquito & Karl - Introducing new support weapon: Acid Zone - New generators skins added - New antimatter system: now it appears every turn like your energy for units, also antimatter barrels will appear using our new algorithm: + Barrels contain 3 antimatter or 150 energy + First barrel appears near one player (randomly) second appears near another player + Then two barrels appear for both players at the same time - Battle will be 15 turns now - Every unit has its own quantity on the battle field to prevent unit spam - To make this game even more fair there will be no levels of units, supports or players - Your supplies don’t contain blueprints anymore, you can get a new unit for some credits in the hangar - New upgraded rating system - Alliance leaders now can send messages to all their Alliance members - Your first purchase at the store is doubled now - Additional modes and missions are now available from the second battle zone - Now you can change your supplies in the slots - You are able to watch ad up to 6 times (-1h for every ad) - Unit production limit integrated - New event: no player or unit levels - now it’s only based on skill with a pinch of luck! - Additional improvements for the player’s experience What do you think? Send us your feedback here and to developer Mike!
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    Greetings, Commanders! Today is a very sad for everyone in our team – we have to announce that we decided to close Warfair. It’s a hard decision and it took a lot to make it. After careful consideration, and many difficult internal debates, we feel there is no clear options for us to make Warfair a game that can retain enough players to be sustainable. We genuinely appreciate every piece of your feedback! You’ve sent us so many inspiring and thoughtful suggestions about how you see Warfair in the future. Our community made its invaluable input and we’re grateful for it! We’re deeply sorry that we couldn’t meet your expectations and let you down. You will all receive our final gift – 1000 crystals. Our servers will be closed on September 30th. Thanks for being with us on this wonderful journey!