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--- More moderation kills the relaxation ---

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This section is made to provide you the opportunity to express your creativity. We all play this game (or already have plans to do it, right?) and face a lot of different situations. Some of them are funny, some are definitely gonna be annoying (lost a ranked game again, huh?) So why not to make a meme about? We are like minds here, you know! Or perhaps you are one of those who can make some outstanding artworks and want to share it with others. So don’t be shy and post it!

The only thing you should remember about is your content to be appropriate for this forum. You’ve read forum rules and already know what we think is inappropriate. And that’s why we really don’t want to be kill the vibe of this section deleting content which goes against our policy. So please don’t make stuff for our digital trash cans.

Thank you in advance!

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