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Hotfixes! What happened?

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Every step we take on the way of creation an enjoyable gaming experience is based on your feedback as a community. And after implementing new changes we decided to release several essential hotfixes you’ve been asking us for.


-          Max waiting time for the battle has been reduced to 30 seconds;

-          To make matchmaking for experienced players more fair, from 2000 rating points and more players won’t lose or get matching points for battles with Pirates, BUT stars, missions, credits and supplies are the same;

-          Also season supplies are now 25% bigger;

-          From now on players on battlezone 6 will get 25% bigger mission supplies, battle supplies, free and star supplies;

-          For the current season, all rewards will be 1 tier higher. For example, if you have 3300-3999 points, then you get top tier supply instead of a lesser one;

-          Required rating points for supplies from the next seasons will be reduced on 50% (so top tier supply is available since 3000 rating points);

-          Current season ends 22 Feb at 13:00 UTC

NOTE! In the beginning of the new season some matches could be considered as too challenging for some players so in the future we plan to add some extra mechanics to prevent such cases.

Due to your reports, we’ve already fixed:

-          Prime target problem;

-          Alliance donations issue;

-          Downloading of player’s battle list and old matches;

-          Chat with developer;

-          Sound effects after destroying units and generators;

-          NullReferenceException error;

-          Incorrect texts on enemies;

-          PVE issues.

We always try to listen to the majority and we believe that together we will make our game better and better with every update!

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