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--- How to make a report ---

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Hi there!

Welcome to our bug reporting thread!

In order to help us fix issues and get the most out of your bug report, please follow some basic guidelines when bringing a bug to our attention.
When posting the bug, please be as specific as possible. If we can’t reproduce the issue you find, we are going to have a very tough time fixing it. Sometimes lack of details may lead that it’s impossible to figure out what’s wrong at all.
Be concise. Try to get rid of unnecessary information so that we can get straight to the problem.
Here's a basic format that everyone should follow when reporting a bug -
Describe what the bug is and then provide steps that recreate the issue. If you can include a video or a screenshot that would be great! 

So the best bug report will contain:

1.    The precise description of your problem

2.    Game id

3.    Screenshot

4.    Time when the bug happened

If you don't have everything from the list, don't worry. Just try and be as specific and concise as you can and we will handle the rest. 

Here is an (hypothetical, and didn't really happen) example: 

1.    Can’t upgrade Leviathan

2.   Id 0001

3.   Screenshot

4. 12:03 25.10.2017

Please note that there are different threads for suggestions and feedback, this thread is for bugs only.

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