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Update 1.3 discussion

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I opened the game this morning and to my surprise we have a new update! And like a kid I immediately started to play the new prologue and campaign which I was hoping they would add. I think it was a good addition to help new players and noobs like myself, and to get people familiar with the characters and factions we meet: Terra Alliance, Ms. Dahler Emilia, Ren Taka and Dr. mathison. (the character models looks nice btw)

Some of the missions was a nut to complete, but doable with a couple try. Just have to get familiar with how they attack and where to path your units, it's honestly just like stealing candy from a baby after that. I like the initiative of this PVE content. However I find it way too short. And it includes basically flakker, tank and bomber. I take it this is just the beginning and there will be more chapters that focus on the other units in our arsenal as well in the near future. With better content and rewards this could be a stellar gameplay for those who don't wanna PVP all the time.


As for the new mode 4 players knockout. It certainly brings a new way of enjoying battles. It brings out a bit of randomness and all VS all mentality. And that could be a good thing. However I wish there was a way to configure that a bit. Like make it a 2 VS 2 Invite your friend or invite 4 of your friends for some carnage. It seems to match you up with 3 random players and if not enough players, you'll also get thrown in some AI bots.


I'm not sure what the new missions are. But it's definitely nice that you can change a mission you don't like for something else. The downside is it seems to be for only one mission pr day. Now I have checked with fellow players on discord saying there have been a lot of units rebalances and mostly nerfs from what I understand. Thus I suggest we get a list from the devs of which units that have been nerfed, old and new stats etc. So to keep the information available to the Warfair community.

I find targeting to be bugged or glitched. It's all over the place. Like targeting a specific unit or generator it may target ground or something else. Feel free to add a comment here with your findings and your take on the update. Keep it clean though. Thanks for reading.





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We tried a game earlier while using discord voice chat. Although it was a bit unfortunate I couldn't find out how to record the audio from discord (it was hillarious) It made the game a lot more fun lol.


To match up together we had to hit to battle at the same time. It seems it works sometimes, but not all the time. Would love an option here to invite players for sure.

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