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Crate Blueprints

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I was wondering... every season we get a crate right as a reward.

 Now i was curious. we get alot of random blueprints  but there HAS been 1 consistency in it all. how come we get 1 type of epic blueprint but 10 of it in a row? not like 5 of scylla 5 or heavywytzers or 2 of each and 6 other epic blueprints???


And and and! does this apply to colonel crates that we have the option of buying in the store?

cause I feel it wont be worth buying a crate that can give you ONE type of epic blueprint  while all the others are more randomly distributed. 

It would be nice if the number of epic blueprints can be divided too. not just one type. 

Cause lets say you buy a colonel crate with cash. you expect some goood blueprints right? 700+ is quite the number.  But all of a sudden when you open it you get 1 type of epic blueprint while the rest are a variety of other types. 

I would feel pissed if that one type of epic happens to be something that i dont need (ie leviathen) and the money i spent on the game would just go to waste as such. 

Its fun  that its random but at the same time the randomness is just more risky then it should be...

It'd be nice if we got 2 to 3 random epics instead of one bulk set of epic units.

A) you'd feel more rewarded after 2 weeks of playing and B) it can motivate you to keep playing and reaching 4000 in rating every 2 weeks.

Any thoughts? Answers?

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