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1st 2nd 3rd Place + Alliance 1st 2nd 3rd Place

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Hi all! Shah here. 

I was just wondering... and at the same time slightly bummed out. 

Is there a reason for being in the top 3? alliance and player wise?

cause after reaching 4k in rating, the reward you get is pretty much the same. except for the blueprints you get.

And there are no rewards for alliances being in the top 3. 

And this hasnt been addressed in the upcoming update.

And as such, iam curious. cause once you reach 4000+ in rating, whats the use of reaching top 3? 

yes there is bragging rights but still... It doesnt seem rewarding enough no? and it doesnt really show anywhere that you were in the top 3 when the season ends. 

That also applied for Alliances being in the top 3. there is nothing or any history or any sign.  Just the  start of a new season.

There could better rewards, more crates? maybe name highlights or special avatars or borders outlining your character. you know... the small and big things that could make being the top 3 rewarding in some way. 

Anyhow... Thoughts? Suggestions? Answers? Iam all ears

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