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New update is almost here! And that's what we've been working on:


  • You  have all been waiting  for this and now we're making a step towards that direction. We're happy to release our firstPvE  chapters! There you will meet new characters as well as you will learn some tactical tips and tricks (some of which you probably know already, some will become a surprise). This is just a beginning and we're eagerly awaiting your feedback about our new gamemode.

Experimental game modes

  • During some time we'll be giving access to experimental modes consecutively.
  • In all experimental game modes rating doesn't matter and there is no  rating gain at a ll.
  • All unit and generator levels are set to tournament level so that everyone is in the even playing field.
  • You will, however, be gaining packs and credits for wins in these  modes, just like you do in rating.
  • You can complete  missions playing in these modes.
  • 2VS2: Play together with your friend against enemy duo, using same unit spawn spot and generators but separate  resources!
  • 4 PLAYERS KNOCKOUT: Free  for all mode  for 4 players. 4 corners - 4 unit spawns and everyone has their own resources. Only one can survive!
  • 2vs2 KNOCKOUT: Duo with separate spawn points and personal resources.
  • We will be waiting to hear your feedback about how  you like the new modes, but most importantly, play and  have fun!

Mission system

  • Instead of canceling the mission, you will now be able  to change it. Once per day you can change your mission for free  to another random one.
  • Tapping mission pack you will now learn how many blueprints are there and what types.
  • Missions where you had to win using only specific units were taking into consideration your entire deck. Now you can  have deck with any units you want,  however, in  order to  complete these missions  you  will have to  use those specific units only. 
  • Rewards were exponentially increased for missions where you  have to win using specific units only.
  • Mission "Win using air units  only" turned out to be extremely hard, so it was removed. 
  • Fixed a bug with progress not counting in the mission where you have to destroy enemy generator first.


  • We made huge improvements to matchmaking system so that newbies don't play against experienced players and so that experienced players get matched  with another skilled players more often than with pirates. 
  • Every player who has Inanna opened (1400+ rating) will now have an option to skip  the battle with pirate if they so desire. This will lead to continuing the search for another high rating enemy. 
  • Battle search time  has been increased so that there are higher chances to encounter enemy Commander instead of a Pirate.
  • We will keep improving matchmaking and in order to do that efficiently we are looking forward to hearing your feedback!


  • Cooldown for requesting and donating blueprints has not been  working correctly. It is now fixed and is reset once a day. 
  • Leaders and founders will now be able to see the last time player was active. This will help tracking down players who don't play  anymore.
  • Weekly donations that reset every week are now displayed in the alliance member list.  This will tell who donates actively  and who doesn't.
  • You can now scroll down to the very bottom of the chat instantly using an arrow.
  • Blueprint request blocks are now much smaller size.
  • Different blocks received various color changes in order to make them more readable.
  • Cooldown for player  invites has been changed. You can now invite new players to join your alliance once per 2 hours.
  • In the end of blueprint request block in  the chat, it doesn't scroll down to the bottom  anymore.
  • When sharing replays in  alliance chat you can now attach a message.

Balance hot fixes

  • Photon attack projectice speed has been increased so that it's almost instant.
  • Athena now has splash damage.  
  • Firestarter’s damage is now the same on both attack and burning phases.
  • Skyfighter now  has increased speed spinning on its axis.
  • These are just minor balance changes and we're currently working on huge balance update. Stay tuned to learn more!


  • Update for Commanders who unlocked  6th battle  zone: 3 new  battle maps with different generator placement. Hope you enjoy these new fights and emotions! Don't forget to share your opinion about these new maps.
  • Updated enemy search screen so that it has tips for new players and is now more readable and attractive for everyone else. 
  • We have updated player avatars and added  3 new ones. Choose whichever your like!
  • Units that you have not yet unlocked are now displayed in a new ghost-like way in  your angar.
  • Entering the game you will now know how many blueprints were donated to you through Alliance while you were gone and who exactly did that.
  • You will also be able to learn about donations while you are in HQ looking at small notifications popping up. They will also tell you about new messages, finished goals and  other important events.
  • We have updated push notifications for various events e.g receiving new message. If you had them off, you can now give them second chance.

Changes and updates

  • According to player contest, Glinty has been renamed  to Photon.
  • Most units and generators now have new textures that are  more sharp and visually attractive.
  • Visuals of battle platform on Jangala were reworked to make it look more effective and unique. 
  • A small present to Commanders who unlocked last battle zone. There has been detected an anomaly that can sometimes make this battle zone visually look like  any other, but rewards will remain as if it is still 6th one. 
  • Top battles will no longer display every single fight. Instead there will now be only best battles that are calculated through special rules. We are hoping that this will make Top Battles more intresting to research. If you think that there are fights that don't deserve to be there, or, instead, it is missing some good fight - let us know. We will keep updating the rules for getting into Top Battles.
  • You can now copy unique ID in player profile for  using it further.
  • Kamikaze now has new animation in the angar.

Bug fixes

  • Bugs with reapplying attacks (e.g Firestarter's) sometimes made the game restart. It is now fixed.
  • Because of number rounding sometimes unit balance was not working as intended. It is now fixed.
  • Unit energy fields sometimes worked incorrectly. It is now fixed.
  • Shooting burst projectiles and air units rotating around their axis sometimes caused errors. It  is now fixed.


  • Many textures have been optimized to increase the performance.
  • Terra alliance has reported increased Pirate activity and is looking for Comannders' help in constant fight against them. 
  • If there is a tactical video for new unit or support item when opening a pack, players can now play this video instantly. 
  • If there is a tactical  video for unit or support item that player has  not yet seen, it will be highlighted in the information window.
  • Athena and support item Shield descriptions did not say shield was self regenerating. We added that information.
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Sweet Mother of God.... whoa! i mean WOW! 

i dont think i've ever seen an update THAT big in one go lmao...

just one thing... Athena has splash damage now? Iam giggling like a mad scientist here HAHAHA

and 2vs2? having a heart attack!

And and and! you guys addressed all the issues! WOW. JUST WOW. EPIC!!!

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Wouw thats a lot of stuff! 

Im looking forward to the 2v2 ! And the pve chapters sound intresting.

I dislike nerfs normaly, time will tell if the firestarter is still worth it.

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And i hope the wait timer will not be to long, in the top of the league there are almost no opponents, so waiting a long time is anoying, i remember it to be 30sec xD

Edited by Twitch
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12 hours ago, Twitch said:

I dislike nerfs normaly, time will tell if the firestarter is still worth it.

I don't have any real stats but it seems that we have Scylla + Firestarter meta now. Something should be nerfed and something should be upped.

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39 minutes ago, Jhon said:

I don't have any real stats but it seems that we have Scylla + Firestarter meta now. Something should be nerfed and something should be upped.

Im totaly for upping! Like give the ogre a big boost, that unit is evil to deal with if his att speed or range or movement speed gets a buff. I rather have that a firestarter becoms worse because there are better counters then that they just nurf it.  

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3 hours ago, StriderHiryu said:

 Brilliant update!!!

Well it will be a good update when they fix the matchmaking and wait timer! Cant wait to write a review when the hot fixes are here!

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