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Safe Game Tips

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Avoid any phishing sites

You probably already know that Internet is not the safest place to blindly trust people. There are a lot sites promising you some free stuff for the game for “just link here, type this there”. Unfortunately, the only thing they are aiming at is to trick you and get some personal data of yours, for instance, e-mail account or credit card information.

To make things even worse, these sites mostly contain viruses, keyloggers and other malicious software to ruin your privacy and device safety.

We genuinely don’t want you to get in these traps, and warn you to avoid sites like this. And, definitely, never share your personal data. Sometimes frauds may use “representatives” of Warfair staff, but it’s just another scamming scheme and you should never follow their lead. Remember, real Warfair staff will never ask you for any kind of personal information.

If you suppose that phishing attack could have place on your device, just change your e-mail password right away and contact the support of your email provider.

Keep this War Fair!

We are interested in providing a fair play for all our Commanders. In order to achieve that goal we need to be sure that everybody is decent, not cheating, or having any abusive behavior. Everyone who won’t follow the rules below will get a penalty according to his violation from temporary blocking access to some game features to permanent account ban.

Let’s create a healthy gaming environment together and remember the following terms while playing.

Battle with respect!

We know how hard it could be not to lose temper while playing the game. Sometimes you can even argue with your friends during the discussion of some battle tactics. And it’s okay to feel that way, just don’t use any abusive behavior towards other players ruining the atmosphere of the game.

We are looking forward to creating a decent game community, where players could be rivals in the battle, but treat each other with respect and dignity. This idea also relates to Alliance and players names.

We think it’s inappropriate:

-       To be racist or to discriminate against people on any ground

-       To swear

-       To threat or abuse other players

-       To make obscene or sexually explicit comments

 If you run into player who ignores these rules, please, inform us by using our report system. Every complaint will be carefully examined by our moderators and necessary measures will be taken.

NOTE: In extreme cases misbehavior can lead to the permanent ban of player’s account and so as false reports.

Win by skill, not cheating!

We are called WARFAIR for a reason. So to make the game process free of any unfairness, we strongly recommend you not to use any cheating programs or other 3rd party prohibited software such as hacks, bots or any kind of programs which provide player unearned progress or modification his gaming settings.

 NOTE: Not following this rule leads to the permanent ban of player’s account.

One war, one Commander!

You need to know that player’s account may be used only by his owner.

The rules that player accepts making his account contain the statement that account can be used only by its owner. Any player may have more accounts but single account can be used only by one player.

Any attempt of account selling, buying, sharing, gifting or trading are prohibited and will be punished accordingly (permanent ban account).  

Consequences for misconduct and list of unacceptable behavior

We don’t want to bore you with describing every possible case of player’s misbehavior, but it’s better to know some typical situations which usually lead to some restrictions or bans:

-           Scamming

-           Harassment

-           Abusing glitches/bugs

-           Intentional feeding

-           Hacking

-           Account selling/buying/sharing/trading

-           Inappropriate nickname/Alliance name

-           Advertising/Spam

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