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Tools for alliance to manage requests

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That will be a bit complicated and I am not sure how to implement and what exactly, so brace yourselves, wall of text is coming.


1. During normal play, unless you max out 20 victories per day at least, you will get a lot more blueprints than gold, so you cannot level everything.

2. People use requests to level units they need and use donate to convert not needed blueprints into gold. The latter is important. Donations are not really for helping others, they are done to help yourself.

3. Alliance as a whole will prosper better if everyone can max out of his donation and everyone has their requests finished. Cooperation works always better than competition.

4. So requests for scarce blueprints should be alternated with request of more available blueprints. That way everyone will get the same amount of scarce blueprints as before, but will be able to get also more popular blueprints instead of wasting their requests.

5. Considering 1-4 it would be the best if people in alliance would cooperate with requests, avoiding requesting units they will not get. However there are 2 problems.
5a. It requires a lot of effort, not only from few coordinators but also from everyone involved
5b. There is no way to stop someone from abusing the system and request the scarce blueprints more than people abstaining from it for common good, increasing that way their share of donated scarce blueprints.

I am still looking for a ways to coordinate better, but I decided to try too start a discussion about what can be done with the game to make it easier.


What do you think about allowing alliance leadership to make some restrictions to requests?

I checked what is going on in our alliance and I think that it would be useful for an alliance as a whole if no one requested firestarters at all and if each week few of the units were non-requestable (like no skyfighters one week, no grenadiers next week) and so on.
It is still far from perfect and may not really work, however this is a tool that could be interesting if implemented as an alliance prerogative (also it would be a reason to group people into the alliances by their similar goals)

I am really interested with what other people can think of all that

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This could work. HOWEVER, In order to work, i feel that multiple features should be needed to make this as perfect as is possible.

The features i suggest all must synergize in order for Gorzki's idea to work (a system that the devs would probably have to put time on)

FEATURES : for Leaders and Owners (Elders may view certain features albeit in limited fashion)

 #1 - Being able to see how many blue prints the players in the aliance have donated.

#2 - Being able to see WHAT blueprints the players have donated

#3 - Restricting Certain Units for 12, 24, 48 hrs ( cool down will be 12, 24, 48 hrs)

#4 - this could be harsh - Limiting the number of times in a row a player can request on one unit in a week. maybe 3 days worth of requests (9 times) and then a cool down bar that will take 3 days. 

#5 - Highlightning units based on how much the players in the alliance are requesting -

Green 25% Yellow 50% Red 75% (Reminds players to  not constantly request on certain units. 


This is just a rough concept. Any thoughts???



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tbh shah, it's hard to say WHAT will work best. That's what beta is for, to implement some rudimentary system and see how it changes the result.


But everything that gives players more info is fun and good


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after some thinking

One thing needed is more info about requests and blueprints. Right now we don't see requests that were filled completely so our perception of what is easily donated is skewed

Even info how many times each unit was requested and how many units were donated in the last week in the whole alliance would probably work

Second thing is that any coordination will be prone to be abused, so any limitations of what is available have to be issued by some clan leadership and enforced. But that can be simple, like a panel with all units and a tickbox next to each of them.
And if any clanmember wants to request a unit, he will se on the list of units to choose from only those approved by Clan.

I think that would be enough to start and check the result

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