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Before posting about balance...

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Before making post about balance…

...we would like you to know:

1. Skill level

No matter what, different units will do better or worse at different skill levels. Eventually it becomes a question of whether you'll do better abusing your rival mistakes or abusing units strengths. You should remember that when people comment they very well may be looking at the unit squad with a different lens.

2. Skillful playstyle

To properly gauge a unit’s strength in terms of balance you need to be an experienced player. That means that sometimes quantity doesn’t equal quality. You may spend hundreds of battles, but without thinking about your tactics. And to develop a skillful or at least effective playstyle in the game, you should better pay attention to the battle moves and strategize you way for the win. Use replays, try different squads to increase your gaming skills.

This doesn't invalidate your opinion in any way, but this helps to explain why a unit’s impact in skillful game is not that critical.

3. Reasoning

If you can’t explain why you think there is no balance with particular unit or battle location, then it will be hard to get your point. In other words “I lost” won’t be considered as a valid reason for a unit being OP/UP.

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