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Greek Goddess Incoming!

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It’s been less than two weeks since the release of Jack Frost and Elite Tanlken have already presented a new unit. Unlike its predecessor, Athena is an extremely agile attacking sabotage machine. It’s already available from our special offer until 30th of December for Commanders from Jangala and higher battle zones.

No surface friction helps to achieve this high level of speed. Despite the fact that Athena is a ground unit its special engine lifts the bodywork above the ground. Light materials also contribute to Athena’s speed but make it more vulnerable for the damage. How does Athena survive in the battle then? Well, the answer to that question is known by Commanders who have already been introduced to the special Elite Tanken support item called Shield. Athena has its own embedded shield with a pretty high HP which helps to stay alive on the battlefield.

Shield emitter needs a lot of space that’s why Athena’s weapon is effective only when enemy unit is close to it. Also it shoots slowly, has no ability to attack aircrafts and its damage to generators is not that high. However, it’s worth mentioning that Athena damage to other units is more significant. Athena is perfect to fight ground targets and usage of its high speed makes it a wonderful Antimatter hunter.

You will see Athena in your squads next year. Commanders from Inanna and higher battle zones will be able to try it since 6th of January.

What do you think of this unit? Share your thoughts with the community and find your own way to use Athena in the fight.

See you on the battlefield!


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