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Frequently Asked Questions

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Greetings, Commanders!
Ensuring our players have the best game experience available to them is one of our top priorities. This FAQ goal is to help our Commanders better understand the inner workings of the game.

Why is Warfair in Beta?

Our team's philosophy for Warfair is based on "Gameplay first" principle. We genuinely believe that there is a place in the mobile games industry for skill-based games. We reward skilled players not only those who spend more money! That is why this War is "fair"!

In order to polish every detail, we have decided to launch our game early, cooperate with real players and get their feedback. We have successfully tested this concept before working for other game projects.

We will appreciate your opinion and ideas about the game. We want to evolve this game to provide you the best game experience.

When will Warfair be available worldwide?

Early 2018

When can I play Warfair on iOS?

Our everyday work includes launching the game on the App Store as soon as possible. It will be available in the near future.

Why do I have matches with players that have higher level units and support than mine?

In each battle zone, players can have power ranging over different strengths. Because of that you will fight players who have stronger units than you at some battles. However, once players use 5 units each in the arena, battle becomes equal.

Even if your rival has an army with stronger units, it is still possible to defeat them with your skill, strategy and tactics. Players are matched according their rating. There are many cases when player have stronger units, but less skill. Playing the game you will notice that sometimes you can be defeated by a player with weaker squad. Pay attention to their tactics, learn the counters and winning strategies in the game.

We recommend watching replays of your own matches and other players, and discussing tactics with your Allies and friends!

I have a cool idea for a new unit or some features for the game. Where can I share my feedback?

We will always appreciate any kind of feedback. Let us know on our forum.

Where can I learn more about the game?

We suggest you to visit this Forum and our Facebook page. Also we are going to stream the game on a regular basis. So stay tuned to get all news first!

Are there any plans for a Warfair tournament or eSports?

Our goal is to create an amazing competitive game. So the answer is absolutely, yes! We will run an official tournament once the gameplay is perfect, fun, and rewards skillful play.

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