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Indestructible force incoming!

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Zero Black Agency also keeps up with Elite Tanken in terms of new arrivals. Commanders from third Jangala battlezone will soon receive their new invention - Jetraider. At first sight it is typical antropomorphic robot in best Zero Black Agency traditions that has his personal flying jet. But it's not that simple. This model has experimental damage  absorption technology: whenever Jetraider receives "fatal"  damage, he lands on the  ground and entire damage gets absorbed by his smart jet.

We believe Commanders  have already realised how to use this technology, however let's hear what our technology expert The Anonymous says: "Jetraider can easily finish the generator, survive its' explosion and keep attacking by becoming ground unit. If he is in the air, he simply won't die. I believe this can have many usages."

Commanders from third battle zone (Jangala) and up can already buy Jetraider using temporary offer which lasts till dec. 25th included. Starting dec. 30rd Jetraider will be avaible for purchase on general basis starting from Jangala battle zone.


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