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New unit! What is it like?

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Elite Tanken decided to make us a present and that’s why they announced a really advanced machine with a self-described name – Jack Frost.

As you all know, Elite Tanken protect their invisibility technology very well. A lot of experienced Commanders have already tried it on the battlefield. However, Elite Tanken went further in their research and created an Invisibility Emitter for Jack Frost. Now every unit which is close enough to Jack Frost and even a Generator will be perfectly hidden due to this amazing invention. Unfortunately, Jack Frost can’t be invisible itself because of some technical characteristics even when Commander decides to use his Invisibility Support Item.

The main goal of this unit is to hide allies, but it’s not just that. Jack Frost has no weapon, however, it explodes colliding with ground units on the battlefield. Causing damage Jack Frost leaves the last surprise – EMP effect for units in the area. It’s a well-known fact, that originally this technology belongs to Zero Black Agency and that’s how another Elite Tanken secret has been revealed.

Our secret informant has already got this gift and that’s what he told us:

     -   I like to use Jack Frost with those units which have some huge single damage. I put them in front of this machine. In my opinion, it’s also effective to place Jack Frost behind the Generator. Using it like this Commander can hide his Generator and at the same time not put Jack Frost in danger. In any case, Jack Frost is just perfect to take the hit and save more valuable unit, but it’s important to remember about the attack range. Well, I suppose there are much more options for using Jack Frost in the battle like with Huskarl, for example, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Jack Frost is available in the store as a limited offer for every Commander, who has already reached Jungala (battle zone 3). Don’t miss the opportunity to get it in advance. Since December 23rd Jack Frost will be a part of the unit’s range for experienced Commanders beginning with Aurora (battle zone 4).

Jack Frost is a new unit and it will be a pleasure to see your tactical solutions for it. Don’t hesitate to share them with other Commanders. See you all on the battlefield!


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