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New update! Are you ready?

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Ho-ho-ho-lidays are almost here! Don't you think that we will leave our Commanders without any surprises? Of course not! Here it comes - a wonderful update for every Warfair fan! And it's just the beginning, so stay with us! 


-          THREE brand new units are waiting for you during the upcoming holidays! Keep up with our news to know the details!

-          We added a TACTIC button to the information about some units and support items. Which videos about units would you like us to add next? Let us know!

-          All Commanders on the Soror battle zone will see our little hints and know how to get through the game.



-          You will never miss our game news due to our new in-game notification notes

-          We also changed the in-game notification signs and made them more suitable for our game style. 

-          A lot of Commanders were confused when they saw this “WAITING” sign during the battle. That’s why we changed the button’s text to describe precisely what’s happening on the battlefield.

-          Our main goal is to create the most enjoyable gaming experience for everybody. Unfortunately, we can’t impact on our players networks quality. In order to help our Commanders to fix that problem we made a special notification when network’s signal is weak or not stable enough.

-          On the waiting for a new battle screen was a sign that our game is in beta. We removed it to not distract Commanders from reading our gameplay advices.

-          We have optimized the games textures to reduce resource consumption on your device.

-          Pirates now are stronger than ever and have a chance to challenge even the most experienced Commanders

-          We upgraded the animation of choosing unit on the battlefield when the Invisibility item is used. 

-          Also we made animation for several units more colorful and bright



-          Scylla became bigger by 25% and now it complies with EPIC unit title

-          Commanders on the Soror battle zone will no longer lose their rating points so they will be able to learn without any risks.

-          Additionally we moved Daily Missions to the second battle zone - Pompei 9 - to not overwhelm our Commanders with extra goals



-          We clarified some moments in the game texts to avoid the confusion of our players

-          Score of a replay is shown right after the end now

-          There were several cases when cooldown of some Support items wasn’t correct and now we fixed that bug.




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