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Some future idea’s for game development

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Hi developers,

I’m enjoying the game so far (made it to 2k points just now). Many different units, yet great balance and fast paced action. So I don’t have much to say about the current game, I do have some suggestions for future RTS development. These ideas come from playing the strategic board game Mechwarrior Dark Age: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3864/mechwarrior-dark-age, also see added image. 

Things that could be added are:

1. Big maps, either pvp and / campain with any kind of objectives to win the game. This could include destroying objects but also capturing areas or objects that give additional supplies.

2. Instead of continues energy supply you could start with a fixed amount say 2000 points. Then within one or more ‘drop points’ on the map you could put any comibantion of units on the map that goes up to 2000 points. The player can choose using multiple cheaper units, few expensive / big units or a combination of these, whicever adds up to the points total. Then this is your team (of units) you play with (like I said at 1, you could additional supplies on the map for deploying extra units).

3. Maps could include terrain like forest, water, mountain, lava etc. Units could have certain advantages to terrain or are (un)able to move trough certain terrain (example: hoovercraft able to cross both land and water). Also extra range / damage could be included when shooting from a high place (building / mountain) to a unit on low ground.

4. Some or all units could have aditional skills (with x-number skillpoints). Skills might be restored (by picking up supplies or recovery over time). Skills could include ‘jump’ for covering distance, passing a wall / fence or jump on the roof of a building to gain range / damage advantage. Or like a unit that normally fires bullets with a range of 10 (which needs a clear line of sight ) also has a skill for shooting missiles with a range of 14 ignoring clear line of sight. Or shooting a big laser that stuns or a vehicle that can repair other units. Even troopers entering a transport to be moved on the map somewhere faster.


Well mechwarrior is a turn based game and has many other gameplay mechanics. Still you might find some of these things interesting for either implementing in this game, or for future RTS development. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!




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Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I am a big fan of Mechwarrior myself and, of course, I appreciate its universe.

As long as our game is in beta we have the opportunity to test different things and see which of them players would like the most. Nevertheless, I don't think we will dramatically change our PvP battle system making maps bigger, for instance. However, I can assure you that we definitely plan to add more game modes to Warfair where you could see some of these thoughts.

I personally think that the idea of creating a mode where players will have fixed amount of energy is awesome! We are going to discuss it seriously in our team. 

Also I would recommend you to watch our Developer Diaries to see what have been done since the beginning of Warfair and what we have already changed according to our original idea. 


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