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New update! What changed?

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Day by day we work hard to create an addictive gameplay which will entertain our players in every battle they have. It’s worth mentioning that before implementing new features we carefully listen to our Commanders feedback. We want to make sure that they will be satisfied with all changes we bring into the game. Today we present a new update and that’s what we prepared: 

- We visualized the usage of every support item in the Hangar. Now it’s easy to find out how they could be used in the battlefield; 
- We improved the tutorial to introduce our new Commanders to the gameplay in an even more enlightening and exciting manner;
- We made large numbers easier to read;
- Locations Aurora and Inanna have been upgraded to become more realistic and colorful; 
- Due to our attentive Commanders, bug with images in the store has been fixed.
- And lots of other improvements and details.

Thanks for your support! We hope that we will never stop amazing you!


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