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New unit! Let's reveal some secrets...

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The Elite Tanken corporation are famous for their ability to reengineer existing technology to create deadly new weapons, and rumors on the HoloNet suggest that a new weapon for aspiring battle commanders is about to be released! We reached out to the Elite Tanken for comment, but they only responded with “we do not comment on rumors, but as always, the Elite Tanken will prove that our technology is better than that of the Zero Black Agency or Dahler Enterprises!”

The newest invention of their series appears to be a ground support unit named Huskarl. If you are attentive to details, it appears they have reengineered the shell from Dahler Enterprise’s Grenadier, but have changed the bodywork and armor to be more durable. Instead of firing a mortar, the Huskarl has an aura emitter, which speeds other allied units which are close enough to it. “This is a secret Zero Black Agency technology!” – some of you might think! This reporter is not at liberty to comment, but there is one thing we can be sure about – the Elite Tanken will take care of this “coincidence”.

According to our informants, the Huskarl is a remarkable support machine. Our secret expert the Anonymous advises to use it with other strong but slow units as Missiler, Heavytzer and Leviathan.

It’s worth mentioning that Huskarl wasn’t built without any defensive mechanisms. The Huskarl fires electric charges, which though seemingly week, are enough to kill Flakker in one shot.

Supply of their new unit is due on 2nd of December for all Commanders who have reached Battle Zone 6, HD 21006 A.

Huskarl (3).jpg

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