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--- Simple Recruiting Rules ---

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Here comes the time to increase your power and become a part of unbeatable Alliance! This thread is dedicated to those who wants to find Alliance to join or create his very own.

Ensuring that everything here happens fair and everybody has the same conditions as others we want you to get familiar with following rules:

  • Each Alliance is allowed to be promoted using single thread only;
  • This particular thread can be bumped once in 24h.

These rules are going hand by hand with forum rule #6:

6.    Posting the same thread several times is not allowed. If thread has been deleted or closed it means that posting the same topic again is prohibited. However, you may bump your own thread once per 24h. Doing this more often will lead to the topic’s removal.

Note! This rule provides you an opportunity to bump your thread only once per 24h by a single member of your Alliance. Players are not allowed to bump thread one by one at the same 24h.  Please posting a recruitment thread make it known to your Alliance to avoid situations where your thread could be moderated.

Also check with the other Commanders of your Alliance before making a recruitment thread. There is a possibility that a recruitment thread for your Alliance has been already created.

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