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Thanks for your support during the last update. We're very grateful for your feedback! Our test is over now! The only changes we decided to keep are our new antimatter system and limited amount of every type of our units on the battlefield. 

I hope everybody will be satisfied with our changes. We work with you and for you!

Thanks for your patience and your great job as a community! 


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Posted (edited)

Energy limit of 500 still here... Oh yeah guys expect Richard to fall into disgrace. 

EDIT: I thought you guys noticed but you did not. The BZ icon for Jangala, Soror, and Pompeii 9 are incorrect. Jangala has the icon of Soror, Soror has the icon of Pompeii, Pompeii has the icon of Jangala. I know this is a small mistake but mistakes should not be neglected. Anyway thank you again for listening to the community. 

Edited by BingoFuel9

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