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I was wrong about Jetrider

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I said they were useless.
Nobody from the first bunch of players considered it as a good units. We didn't even played it during non-common challenge...

Than the russian came and the Spamrider rised from the dead
Now we call it, the ZOMBIE !!!!
Briefly :

+25% against ground unit

Resist stun-B

The only non shielded unit to survive a generator explosion or a Nuke.

Long range

Un targetable when they are fall, almost give them a free attack then.

And correct me if I'm wrong, flamed by a Cyclops they fall and come back without burn damage.

105 points.

I've seen dozen of players only playing it now. They buggies are now zombie meat. I don't say I don't like the Jets and I want them to be nerfed, but now many are lvl7/9, soon 9 and there will be no there solution to spam against spaming. I already have the feeling to always play the same battle. A little change on the huge list of it bonus or higher prize ? huh ?



No ? What ?

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Shah keeps telling me to use flakkers, buggies, or skyfighters against d zombies. But they never work against 3 jets with shield and supported by a huskarl. 

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