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Light Tank (Junior) burst format makes it a terrible unit

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Ladies and Gents! 

As the title says. the burst format it has now i feel has become more of a detriment for the light tank whereas the single shot it had beore made it more useful. 

I still think as a single shot tank it would have a better use now then when it is in burst format. 

Its meant to be a hit and run tank at Multiple targets. now its a Light version of Athena without the shield and without the speed to escape vefore losing all its HP.

and how did it end up like this? the potential this tank had before was really high and with the new format put in, its become more of a sacrifice to your deck.

Arent light tanks supposed to be fast shooting and hard hitting at the same time?

The fact that it could shoot at multiple targets and run away made it a very ideal tank versus light armored targets and not just 1 target before the light tank dies in a 2v1 situation. it was a unit that at its 130 price before could have been useful enough to engage both targets at once. 

Reducing the price for this unit i actually dont find it necessary since it could have been something at higher levels. 


In its current state i MIGHT consider using it if its worth 100 creds. not even 105 or 110 or 115. 

the burst format is a real turn off and its made it one of the least flexible units in the battle field.

I recommend you call it Athena Lite from now on.


Solution - Make it a single shot format and raise the price to 130. or keep the price. Its Worth it. 


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