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Invulnerability EPIC support weapon

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So i was playing and experimenting with the invulnerability skill for the season and it was all nice and pleasant.

UNTIL, I find out it has a weakeness! 

and that weakness is to a common weapon - STUN

Now in the picture the big red circle is the emp which invulnerability countered... it also countered napalm BUT i couldnt counter STUN. 

My athena was stuck until the stun expired. 

why does a common support weapon best an epic weapon like Invulnerability???

I thought invulnerability can counter all Support weapons but i feel its not invulnerable anymore....

P.S - i was using invulnerability Hoping to counter stun which alot of players use but its not possible sadly.

is there a reason why stun is the only weapon that beats Invulnerability???



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We're investigating that situation at the moment! Thanks a lot! =))

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