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This update is mostly dedicated to our competition about new missions. Remember? You’ve created most of our new mission and that’s why we are genuinely happy to make them a real challenge for everybody in the game:

-          Destroy N units per one turn

-          Destroy more units than you will lose

-          Finish off 2 generators using KAMIKAZE

-          Win using cheap units only (150 energy cost or less)

-          Win without using support items on allies (including generators)

-          Win without using support items on your enemy’s army

-          Destroy N units using units with X attack range or less

-          Win without losing units in generator’s explosion

We’ve also changed several old missions:

-          For completing missions where you need to use Blind Zone, Photon, Overdrive or Invulnerability you need one victory only

-          “Win using uncommon units” and “Win using common units” – reward has been increased

-          “Win using ground units only” – now one victory is enough

-          For completing missions where you have to use a support item in the begging of a battle you need 2 victories instead of 3 now

Light Tank became Junior!

We would like to mention that if you want to create a strategy video for our units, we’ll be honored to reward you and maybe even put it in our game.

Good luck!

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