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We are happy to announce that another Alliance War is over! You became stronger as a community, made more friends and created a nice, intense competition! Thanks a lot!

Some Alliances were a bit more persistent and made an extra effort to earn the biggest prize. Praise our winners!

1st place Медведи, РУСЬ, REGENERATE – 50 active players! Reward: 15 000 credits + 300 crystals.
2nd – Россия и СЕВЕР– 49 active players! 12 000 credits + 200 crystals.
3rd - Balalaika - 48 active players! 10 000 credits + 100 crystals. 
4th – Буря и UKRAINE – 47 active players! - 8 000 credits.
5th - (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・ 46 active players! - 7000 credits.
6th - Zbawcy PL 14 active players! – 6000 credits.

Do you have any suggestions about our next Alliance competition?

Let us now!

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