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--- New Update is here! ---

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Greetings, Commander!

Welcome to Warfair!

We are glad you joined us at this exciting battle and looking forward to providing you some immersive gaming experience!  Some of the most satisfying moments in Warfair are found in the first stages of learning the game, as you begin to see some strategies in the battles and how to upgrade you units. With today’s update we’re introducing you some new features designed specially to help new players enjoying these first steps in the game.

New content

  • 3 locations – (Megapolis, Desert, Snowstorm)
  • Upgraded splash-screen
  • Effects for supplies on the main screen
  • New unit – Grenadier available on November 11!
  • New unit Huskarl available on December 2!
  • User interface changed to be more responsive and intuitive

New features

  • You can now address to us directly using new chat tool
  • Now you can chat and interact with players
  • Ability to synchronize using Google Account and Game Center
  • Also we added new icons for the game
  • New animation for all items which are ready for upgrade

Gameplay update

  • You can download any avatar now
  • Upgraded mission system
  • Generator explosion doesn’t kill units of the winning side
  • You will see player level during replay


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