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This update is dedicated to the game quality itself. Look what we’ve prepared for you:

-       If one of the players leaves a battle now the one in the game will no longer wait the whole turn for the next move. We diminished the waiting time.  

-       Now you can get crystals right after your battle is ended and receive a supply you prefer better

-       You can swipe in-game notifications now

-       In order to emphasize the importance of saving your game progress, we will notify you about it with every new battle zone

-       We made all supplies bright and colorful

-       Alliance rating bar is way more easy to use

-       We also upgraded our interfaces in leaderboards, in a new generator window,

In players profiles, in a replay window and also in an Alliance page.

-       We made Pirates a bit smarter: now they can chase the target and also they will no longer stay still and doing nothing

-       We deleted the repetitive dialogues in our PvE campaign and added an ability to speed up the dialogues animation.

Several annoying things have been changed:

-       You will no longer receive the same mission after replacing the previous one.

-       You will able to accept and decline all Alliances requests now.

-       On the first battle zone you will no longer lose your rating points.

-       Blocking messages during the battle now works only in this particular battle.

-       Units routes on Jungala are visible in every spot of the map.

-       We’ve fixed the bug with “damaged” info when you tap on a generator in the battle

-       We also fixed some text mistakes, notification issues, automatic movement of the units and freezing in the game.


New stuff:

-       New skin for your generators – Rigel

New features:

-       If you want to try new units or support items you haven’t received yet, you can rent them and test in the battle. Your rented items will be the same level as the level of the unit in your squad in that unit’s class. For example, if you have 3 level Scylla (epic) in your squad and you want to rent Leviathan (epic), it would be 3 level as well.  

You can rent units by checking information about them in your hangar. So it’s just “rent and go” 

-       Players can subscribe on our news and get a reward.

-       Every Free Supply you get you can speed up now by watching ads. One video diminish the waiting time by 30 minutes (but not more than 3 times in a row)

- We will delete all episodes about Junior (Light Tank). Now you can get it from Aurora and later battle zones.

Tell us what you think!

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