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New season is here! That's why we decided to announce our new Alliance war!

This time it's not gonna be all about Alliance activity, not its rating. The more active players your Alliance has, the better your chances to win!

By active players we'll considered any player who visited our game in last 48 hours. When this season ends, Alliance with the highest rate of active players wins! Only top 10 Alliances will take part in that competition, so no time to relax. It's worth mentioning that we added some crystals to the prize pool!

1st place– 15 000 credits + 300 crystals
2nd - 12 000 + 200 crystals
3rd - 10 000 + 100 crystals
4th - 8 000 
5th – 7 000 
6th – 6 000 
7th – 5 000 
8th - 4 000 
9th - 3 000 
10th  - 2 000 

Let's begin!

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Oh great, when I try making my own alliance for to relaxe a bit then this contest comes up lol. No one joining my alliance so now to participate I would need to move to my old alliance again *shrugs*

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