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You can already try our new update. We've been working on something really important and that's what it is:


- You've been telling us that Antimatter system doesn't work properly and sometimes seems unfair at all. That's why we've decided to meet you halfway and now Antimatter appears almost at the same distance from both opponents. Antimatter position depends on a map, of course. On some maps you'll be able to see 4 spots for it on another just two of them, so be careful. It's worth mentioning that those spots have no influence on amount of Antimatter or its time of appearance.
- We've added 2 new episodes in our campaign where you can get our new unit before the official release. 

- We made special offers for players of 3 - 6 battle zones. 


- We've changed our system for choosing your best battles, so now you'll be able to see more of your epic replays on the first battle zones. 

- It wasn't obvious that some goals could be achieved only in Alliances so we changed their descriptions to make it clear. 
- Some PvE episodes were changed so now it's much easier to fight our tricky AI:

Chapter 1: 
Priority target 
Generator's explosion
Extra income 
Chapter 2. Death from above - completely reworked.
Flakker’s trick
Team work 
Air force 
The rising power 
Ice and fire 

What do you think? Share your feedback with us!

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Posted (edited)

Great that you made it unlockable thru campaign 👍 getting blueprints for this might take awhile. Tme to test the new light tank in battle.




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