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Will I keep my progress when Warfair is out of Beta?     

Yes!  All of the items you unlock and purchase, all you rating statistics are yours to keep.  Your accomplishments and rating statistics will carry over as well.  Beta is a great chance to jump in and get a head start!

Depending when you join, your competitive ranking and leader board status may change.  That is unrelated to the Beta and expected as a part of the gaming process.

Can I buy, sell, share or trade my account?

No! Account may be used only by account’s owner.
The rules that player accepts making his account contain the statement that account can be used only by its owner. Any player may have more accounts but single account can be used only by one player. 
Any attempt of account selling, buying, sharing, gifting or trading are prohibited and will be punished according to the Terms and Conditions. 

Why can’t I see my chat notifications?

If you have this problem, it could be because you are playing the same account on several devices, Try to restart the app on your devices to fix it. However, if you continue use your account on different devices this problem may emerge again.

May I have several accounts on one device?

No! We support only one saved game per account. However, if you logged in, for example, using your Facebook account, you can play on several devices and be sure that your progress will be saved.

Can I delete my account?

No! Players can’t delete their game accounts. Personal or private information on game servers that Warfair has access to will never be shared to any 3rd party.

How to open new units?

Earn your supplies by winning the battles, completing everyday missions, getting daily bonuses and being a part of successful Alliance. Playing the game on a regular basis will give you enough rewards to open every unit.

Why did I lose my rating points even if I lost in a very a close game?

Rating system should be extremely balanced to show experienced players in the leaderboard. That’s why we create a pattern to make the matchmaking fair and that includes not just getting points from your wins but also losing them in the case of defeat. 

How to keep my account safe?

To save your account to yourself and prevent any cases of hacking just follow few simple rules:

-       Never share your login information with anyone. And remember that even Warfair staff will never ask you for that kind of information.

-       If there is a need to use your account on other devices, don’t forget to log out when you are done.

-       All purchases for the game happen in the game. Never trust any websites that promise you some free stuff or items on sale. They just want to steal your credit card information or your account.


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Hi TeslaNi,

i just bought a new phone. Went from iPhone to Samsung due to application developement.

is there some Way i Can get my old player-account from my iPhone to my new Samsung? I would Hate to start over with the game, but i dont see what else to do.

can you help with this issue? 

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