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CONTEST WINNERS! +new contest ideas!

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It's always a pleasure to praise our talented and dedicated community! 

We're genuinely glad that you always meet us halfway and take part in any activity on the forum!

Our video contest is over. It was pretty hard to decided whose video is the best one. You all did a great job! Nevertheless, we had to choose the winner. We would like to highlight @Baliw's work! it's a 1000 crystal job. Other participants will receive a prize of 300 crystals! Well done!

We have a lot of plans about further contests but this time we would like to know what you wanna see as our next competition. Your best idea will be not only rewarded accordingly but also it could become a contest for all our players! Leave your comments below and we'll all decided which idea could be considered as our next event!

Thank you!

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Posted (edited)

I’m honored, thank you @TeslaNi and very happy about the prize!

I would like to see some more contest that are a bit simpler that everyone can join every now and then. So that more players can win the awesome prizes as well. 


  • Meme contest - the funniest memes wins. Who can make @TeslaNi and the community laugh :D
  • Screenshot contest - Show off your artistic side. Lets see who can make the most creative and visual screenshots. Warfair related of  course. You can make drawings, use photoshop etc.
  • Signature contest - Make a signature to use for the forum. Either use a premade you can find online or create complete custom made. I believe 500x125 pixel is a good size (but probably vary from every different forums)
  • Write a background story contest about Warfair - While we sort of have some interesting units and now with the campaign. We learned about the new characters involved: Dr. Mathison, Ms. Dahler,  Ren Tanaka, and factions of Terra Alliance, Zero Black Agency, Elite Tanken.
  • Write a noob guide contest! - some excellent guides would be a great way for experienced players to share their strategys. And also with the emphasis on how to play the game. What units to upgrade and how to become a good player.


I probably have more ideas I can add if you wish. Those are just a few on top of my head. 



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How about a contest on naming the new Light Tank? 

like how we renamed Glinty to Photon before 

Light Tank sounds pretty lame haha

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Yes agree, me and Azazel were just talking about it ingame chat. He don’t like the name of light tank either lol.

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1 minute ago, Jhon said:

Meme contest and Light Tank naming.

:D It's a good one!

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