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Our update is coming out very soon. What have we prepared?


- You asked us - we delivered! Finally we've added new ways of increasing your income. There are now 2 boosters in the store. One of them will be adding additional 300 credits to your win credits (reminder: you can get up to 10 win credits per day). Another booster will increase the speed of getting Star Supply by 2 times. So instead of 24 hours, you will be getting new Star Supply every 12 hours. You can have 2 Star Supplies active at the same time.  

- We're also getting new unit soon so stay tuned!


- We have visually updated obstacles on Battle Zone 2 and 6.

- We have fixed some of the annoying bugs and improved interface to increase quality of life.

- In particular, we had a bug where in team game modes players from same alliance could get opposed. Now they will be put together, whenever possible.

- Another annoying bug was units turning to targets via longer angle which was ineffective. It is now fixed. 

Balance changes:

- We have evaluated data and came to conclusion that 10 stars in Star Supply were too easy to get for the reward the Supply has, so we increased the amount of stars required to open this Supply to 15.

What do you think? Let us know!


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Hi Teslani, i feel that this update will make a big gap between free to play players and paying costomers.  I hoped that would not happen in the game, if it was a one time cristal deal like pay 1000 to unlock that would be fine players could save up crysals to get the boosts. But 600crystal every 7 days is only for the big spenders.

The rest looks good!

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Posted (edited)

So after playing around with the patch i need to change my view a little bid, thanks to jhon aswel. This patch did not make the game more pay to win, It might even helped it a little bid because now free players dont have to save up to 500 or higher crystals but have 2 good options for 300.

Im really happy that, you now when drawing a movement path can choose to draw a sharp return instead of having to curve the return line.

The 2v2 is great that way you can team up alot with your alliance mates! 

I'm really happy with the dubbeling of the money per game (40g) and it seems youve dicided to pay out for a max of 10 wins. 10 games i will play a day while 20 was kinda high!

I personaly do got a new bug some replays dont seem to work.7

Great patch

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