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Hi i wanted to adress a problem ive seen cropping up. If you look at the tournament levels of units thats epic 4 rare 7 and common 9 and genarator 9. It seems the game is nicely ballenced around that. 

On the ladder (top) there is a diffrent story, it seems epic and rare units just dont level up fast enough compared to commons. My deck (and a lot of decks) look more like epic lvl 4/5 rare lvl 7 (i just got mine to 8 thanks to the event and common units are lvl 11. So tournament levels  4/7/9 while on the ladder its 4/7/11 mostly. The reson for this is simple, its way easyer to level up common units than rares. 

To level up my athena from 8 to 9 it takes 400blueprints(bp) and 20k gold. If i requist 2x a day it will take 50 days to get to 400 by requisting while getting a destroyer from 11 to 12 takes 2000bp 50kgold requisting 2x a day i will get it in 25 days. And we get more common units in chests then rares. In the end upgrading the common units gos way faster then rares, epics are even worse. 

And this exemple is using a rare where the upgrade cost is 20kgold vs the common 50kgold. If we look at the corresponding common lvl thats 10 to 11 bp 1000 cost 20kgold is 12.5 days if you requist 2 times a day. 


How can it be that a rare unit takes 50 days while a common unit only takes 12.5 days for a upgrade of equal worth? 

There should change something about the way we get rares. I think we need more per loot box. And maybe dubble the rare requist. 8 per requist.

Please feel free to jump in and let your opinion be known!

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either they made a screw up with balance, or the idea is as follows:


at level 10 commons level up much faster, so it is obvious you need to go for commons
but rares when updated fully get advantage over commons, so it is a way to extend the grind.


Finally you will use lev 11 rares as your core, but as a intermediate goal it is more viable to go to lev 13 commons


but for that, lev 11 rares should be marginally better than lev 13 commons

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