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Being able to Sell your Blueprints for Gold or Crystals

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As the title says Ladies and Germs.

Being able to sell off Epic and Rare blueprints can be a nice way to earn Gold in-game :D

Like perhaps an Alliance store where you can sell off your Blueprints to your clan mates. 

can be abusive but at the same time it could open avenues for those who are interested in building up their gold pile for higher level units :)

Or even Auctions would be nice or or OR

Just giving me more gold will be helpful (me only :D)


Ideas? Suggestions? Ideas to stop me from being broke every day of the week?:P

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I doubt it will be usable suggestion


I think less damaging for the economy would be my idea with being able to once daily reshuffle your blueprints for 1 unit.

Maybe in limited version - only if you have this unit at maxed level.


That way if you push 1 f your units to the top, you can reshuffle any incoming blueprints to other units, so you have more options to donate.....

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