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--- Be nice, don't be toxic ---

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We are glad to see you in General Discussion section!

One of the reasons people come here is to take part in some interesting, meaningful and open discussions. And we have a strong belief that it’s possible to have one without any sort of toxic behavior. Just don’t insult others and their points of view and don’t use inappropriate language. Yeah, we are all human beings and sometimes we are just not in the mood. And sometimes it’s hard to hide your grumpy mood inside, but if it happens way too often, perhaps it’s not just a bad day.

We expect people to have different opinions and also negative ones. We know that there will be complaints and arguments, concerns and opposite views. And that’s okay, that’s how it supposed to be, we are not trying to tell you that it’s not. The only thing we want you to remember is don’t be rude to each other and make this forum a nice place to spend your time on.

So please, share your opinions about our game, we need your feedback as much as we need a friendly community of awesome gamers!

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