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August 6, 2018
Greetings, Commanders!   Today is a very sad for everyone in our team – we have to announce that we decided to close Warfair.   It’s a hard decision and it took a lot to make it. After careful consideration, and many difficult internal debates, we feel there is no clear options for us to make Warfair a game that can retain enough players to be sustainable.   We genuinely appreciate every piece of your feedback! You’ve sent us so many inspiring and thoughtful suggestions about how you see Warfair in the future. Our community made its invaluable input and we’re grateful for it! We’re deeply sorry that we couldn’t meet your expectations and let you down.   You will all receive our final gift – 1000 crystals. Our servers will be closed on September 30th.   Thanks for being with us on this wonderful journey!      


August 1, 2018
Commanders! Thanks for your support during the last update. We're very grateful for your feedback! Our test is over now! The only changes we decided to keep are our new antimatter system and limited amount of every type of our units on the battlefield.  I hope everybody will be satisfied with our changes. We work with you and for you! Thanks for your patience and your great job as a community! 


July 23, 2018
Commanders!  Long time no see, huh? We planned to have a global test for our players but then we decided to bring this fun to everybody and make a pretty nice event in the game instead. Don’t worry about your progress (your units and supports levels and your account level): it’s all saved and these changes are for two weeks only. We would like to know which features you will enjoy the most, so please let us know your thoughts about everything. So, what’s going to happen?  - Introducing new units: Mosquito & Karl - Introducing new support weapon: Acid Zone - New generators skins added - New antimatter system: now it appears every turn like your energy for units, also antimatter barrels will appear using our new algorithm:     + Barrels contain 3 antimatter or 150 energy     + First barrel appears near one player (randomly) second appears near another player     + Then two barrels appear for both players at the same time - Battle will be 15 turns now - Every unit has its own quantity on the battle field to prevent unit spam  - To make this game even more fair there will be no levels of units, supports or players - Your supplies don’t contain blueprints anymore, you can get a new unit for some credits in the hangar - New upgraded rating system - Alliance leaders now can send messages to all their Alliance members - Your first purchase at the store is doubled now - Additional modes and missions are now available from the second battle zone - Now you can change your supplies in the slots - You are able to watch ad up to 6 times (-1h for every ad) - Unit production limit integrated - New event: no player or unit levels - now it’s only based on skill with a pinch of luck! - Additional improvements for the player’s experience What do you think? Send us your feedback here and to developer Mike!


June 19, 2018
Commanders! You've been asking us to make a lot of new features and balance changes. We hope that most of you will be pleased with what we've done: What’s new? - We’ve added several info banners describing Star, Free Supplies and Supplies from our special offers. - You can open a player’s profile right from the chat by tapping on his name - Our test battle AI has been modified accordingly players battle zones. Balance changes: - Cyclops wasn’t that popular among epic units and that’s why we’ve made it 10% stronger. - We’ve been monitoring your games and reviews. A lot of Buggy in your battles is really an issue now but on the other hand we genuinely prefer not to change this effective unit. That’s the reason why we didn’t reduce its damage per turn and made its actual attack a bit different. Buggy makes 3 bursts per turn instead of 4 now. One burst is one target. We believe that this change will help to save Buggy in your squad but will make it easier to create an effective strategy if you meet it in the battle. We’ve been also working on other changes that we believe would have a positive impact on the strategy element in our game. We hope you’ll like them in our upcoming updates! - Heavytzer was planned as a unit that can attack a generator from a long distance and survive its explosion. The reality was a bit different and only a few could master it properly. We would like to change this situation and in order to do so we’ve increased its attack range from 18 to 20. It’s worth mentioning that generator’s explosion radius is 19. - Photon’s attack radius has been increased as well from 6.5 to 8. Now it’s stronger in a close battle with other units. - Grenadier was created as a unit against heavy targets and turned out it’s pretty effective against any ground targets. According our data it’s a bit too effective and that’s why we reduced its damage against non-heavy targets by 16.5%. No worries here because Grenadier’s damage against heavy targets was increased by 25%. - Several updates before we made Jetraider a way cheaper than it used to be. Now this unit is way too effective for its relatively low cost and that’s why players chose to play a pretty predictable and uninventive strategies using it. We made Jetraider 105 energy points instead of 100 to prevent situations like that. - Initially Junior was made as a unit against light targets but in practice, it was a way different from that. We made Junior cheaper: 120 instead of 130. We also changed its attack: it shoots two short bursts of two shells now but the actual damage is the same. - Blindzone is a relatively cheap but a pretty complex support item and that’s why players prefer not to use it in their squads. We would like to make it better and increased its radius from 6 to 8. - Invisibility is another support item that was ignored by our players in the beginning. We’ve prolonged this support’s effect on the first levels leaving the max level at the same length it used to be. - Shield is an extremely popular item but its impact on the game is way too strong especially when players are able to use it after the first antimatter barrel. We would like to change this and that’s why it costs 6 antimatters instead of 5 now.   Also: -  UI has been improved and became more comfortable in usage. - New battle zones information was upgraded. - We've made a special animation for new units in the battle to visualize their invulnerability. - We’ve made units control better and fixed several annoying issues. What do you think?


June 13, 2018
Commanders! New season - new challenge! We really want to meet you half way and this time our division competition is all about being the best one! During this season only PvP battles will be counted. TOP 500 players who destroy more generators in PvP battles than others (rating battles only) will receive our rewards: 1st Division: 1 - 10 place - 12000 credits, 2nd Division: 11 - 100 place - 10000 credits, 3rd Division: 101 - 300 place - 8000 credits, 4th Division - 301 - 500 - 6000 credits. To make things even more entertaining we've decided to start a pretty nice event! Open any supply instantly! From 13th of June you win in battles, get your supplies and open them right away! It's a limited offer so hurry up to get as more blueprints as you can!  We would like to hear your thoughts about it! 


June 5, 2018
Commanders! This update is mostly dedicated to our competition about new missions. Remember? You’ve created most of our new mission and that’s why we are genuinely happy to make them a real challenge for everybody in the game: -          Destroy N units per one turn -          Destroy more units than you will lose -          Finish off 2 generators using KAMIKAZE -          Win using cheap units only (150 energy cost or less) -          Win without using support items on allies (including generators) -          Win without using support items on your enemy’s army -          Destroy N units using units with X attack range or less -          Win without losing units in generator’s explosion We’ve also changed several old missions: -          For completing missions where you need to use Blind Zone, Photon, Overdrive or Invulnerability you need one victory only -          “Win using uncommon units” and “Win using common units” – reward has been increased -          “Win using ground units only” – now one victory is enough -          For completing missions where you have to use a support item in the begging of a battle you need 2 victories instead of 3 now Light Tank became Junior! We would like to mention that if you want to create a strategy video for our units, we’ll be honored to reward you and maybe even put it in our game. Good luck!

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