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April 19, 2018
Commanders! Our update is coming out very soon. What have we prepared? New: - You asked us - we delivered! Finally we've added new ways of increasing your income. There are now 2 boosters in the store. One of them will be adding additional 300 credits to your win credits (reminder: you can get up to 10 win credits per day). Another booster will increase the speed of getting Star Supply by 2 times. So instead of 24 hours, you will be getting new Star Supply every 12 hours. You can have 2 Star Supplies active at the same time.   - We're also getting new unit soon so stay tuned! Improvements: - We have visually updated obstacles on Battle Zone 2 and 6. - We have fixed some of the annoying bugs and improved interface to increase quality of life. - In particular, we had a bug where in team game modes players from same alliance could get opposed. Now they will be put together, whenever possible. - Another annoying bug was units turning to targets via longer angle which was ineffective. It is now fixed.  Balance changes: - We have evaluated data and came to conclusion that 10 stars in Star Supply were too easy to get for the reward the Supply has, so we increased the amount of stars required to open this Supply to 15. What do you think? Let us know!  


April 9, 2018
Commanders!  it's time to win a generous pack of crystals!  We would like more people to know about Warfair and how epic our battles could be! That's why we decided to announce this contest. Download a video with your favorite battle on YouTube or make a video about Warfair and win 1000 CRYSTALS! Just post your link here and wait for the results! Every participant will receive a reward as well! The more the merrier!  Show your skill to the world! Don't keep it a low profile!  You have time until 23th of April. Let's have fun!


April 3, 2018
Top Alliances: Top players: After two weeks of glorious battles, hundreds of brilliant strategies and thousands destroyed units, we're ready to announce our winners!   It would be great to make Alliance war one of our traditions. We thank everyone for participating in this event. We promise, that the best is yet to come, so follow our news to take part in our new contest.   Good job, Commanders! 


March 30, 2018
WE OPEN NEW REGIONS! Our game is finally available in CIS! It’s a pleasure to announce that everyone from CIS region who wants to test his strategy skills is free to download the game to his mobile device. Warfair improves with every update and there are a lot of new features for beginners and for our experienced players as well. We hope that everybody will have more fun as our game expands. The more the merrier, right? For those who use iOS devices in Russian Federation game will be available in the very near future. Stay tuned!

NEW VERSION! That's exactly what you've asked for!

March 26, 2018
Your feedback is the key factor for us to make Warfair enjoyable for all our players. That’s the main reason why this version has been created:  We heeded your requests about an opportunity to control auto-chasing feature. Now you can do it in your profile setting. The issue with displaying Star and Free Supplies has been also fixed. We fixed “Buy all” button in the store and the error with starting PvE episodes.   On the first battle zone our players had a chance to get Scylla or Overdrive. We thought that we should exchange this support item to another unit. From now on players will get Scylla or Leviathan. Download our new version from the store and tell us what you think of the current changes!


March 23, 2018
1. Top Alliances at the moment: 2. Best players at the moment: The competition has already started and that's how things are at the moment. What's going to happen on the weekend? WE'LL SEE! 

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