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May 16, 2018
Commanders! Private messages are currently unavailable! We'll bring them back soon! It's worth mentioning that you can send messages in Alliance and to developer Mike. Sorry for inconvenience!


May 16, 2018
Commanders!  New season is here! That's why we decided to announce our new Alliance war! This time it's not gonna be all about Alliance activity, not its rating. The more active players your Alliance has, the better your chances to win! By active players we'll considered any player who visited our game in last 48 hours. When this season ends, Alliance with the highest rate of active players wins! Only top 10 Alliances will take part in that competition, so no time to relax. It's worth mentioning that we added some crystals to the prize pool! 1st place– 15 000 credits + 300 crystals 2nd - 12 000 + 200 crystals 3rd - 10 000 + 100 crystals 4th - 8 000  5th – 7 000  6th – 6 000  7th – 5 000  8th - 4 000  9th - 3 000  10th  - 2 000  Let's begin!


May 4, 2018
Good old tradition is back! Commanders! Photon told us that it really likes the name you made for it! That's why we decided to rename our new unit - Light Tank!  Rules are still the same: All you need to do is to think of a new name for our unit.  1. Think of a new name for Light Tank. It should be something really memorable! 2. Post this name here, on the FORUM, so everyone will see it. 3. Wait until 11th of May for the results! The author of this name will get 500 crystals and a wonderful taste of fame! Let’s begin!


May 3, 2018
Commanders! You can already try our new update. We've been working on something really important and that's what it is: New: - You've been telling us that Antimatter system doesn't work properly and sometimes seems unfair at all. That's why we've decided to meet you halfway and now Antimatter appears almost at the same distance from both opponents. Antimatter position depends on a map, of course. On some maps you'll be able to see 4 spots for it on another just two of them, so be careful. It's worth mentioning that those spots have no influence on amount of Antimatter or its time of appearance. - We've added 2 new episodes in our campaign where you can get our new unit before the official release.  - We made special offers for players of 3 - 6 battle zones.  Improvements: - We've changed our system for choosing your best battles, so now you'll be able to see more of your epic replays on the first battle zones.  - It wasn't obvious that some goals could be achieved only in Alliances so we changed their descriptions to make it clear.  - Some PvE episodes were changed so now it's much easier to fight our tricky AI: Chapter 1:  Priority target  Generator's explosion Extra income  Chapter 2. Death from above - completely reworked. Flakker’s trick Team work  Air force  Complexity The rising power  Ice and fire  What do you think? Share your feedback with us!


May 1, 2018
Commanders! You've been asking us for another Alliance competition in the new season and here it comes! Rules are still the same - the more rating your Alliance has the bigger your personal reward as an Alliance member is.  1st place - 14 000 credits 2nd - 10 000 3rd - 8 000 4th - 6 500 5th - 5 500 6th - 4 500 7th - 3 500 8th - 3 000 9th - 2 500 10th - 2 000 In addition we decided to reward top 10 players with some special Supplies. The higher is your position in the leaderboard, the more generous your prize is! Let's begin!


April 26, 2018
  Commanders! Our new unit is on the way! What is it gonna be like? Fast? Heavy? Or hovering around like Athena? We would like to know your assumptions! Try to guess unit stats (model, speed, energy requirement, etc). Commanders with the closest results to the real stats will get 300 crystals after this unit will be released. Let's begin!

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